Benelli Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023 Features Availability

Benelli is a motorcycle company. They have many different types of motorcycles in various price ranges. They are for use in Pakistan. The latest motorcycles are available here, with the best features in this price range, so the Benelli Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023 can be seen here. Most people want to know about the prices of these bikes, that is why this article has been written. We will discuss the availability of these bikes.

Benelli Bikes Price in Pakistan 2023

The following are the prices for Benelli bikes in Pakistan-

Benelli 180S: PKR 570,000 

Benelli 302 R: PKR 850,000 

Benelli Imperiale 400: PKR 1,065,000 

Benelli TNT 150i: PKR 440,000 

Benelli TNT 25: PKR 535,000 

Benelli TRK 251: PKR 850,000 

These are all of the Benellis that are used in Pakistan with their prices.

Benelli Bikes Features

These bikes have many features. They all have a digital speedometer, digital trip meter, and an analogue tachometer for measuring how fast the bike is going. All of the bikes also have a fuel gauge and a digital odometer. Benelli bikes are sold in Pakistan. The prices of these bikes are reasonable because they offer many good features that other brands do not provide.

  • Digital Speedometer
  • Digital Trip Meter
  • Analogue Tachometer
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Digital Odometer
  • Led Tail Light


These bikes are available at Benelli showrooms in different provinces of Pakistan.

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