Car Vibrates When Ac is On: Reasons and How to Fix It

Some cars shake when the air conditioner is on. It’s a problem that can be frustrating and annoying, but it also has an easy fix. In this article, we’ll talk about why your Car Vibrates When Ac is On and what you can do to stop it from happening again!

Why Car Vibrates When Ac is On?

When the AC is turned on, it blows cold air through your vents. If you notice that your car starts shaking when it’s on. This means there isn’t enough weight to balance out how much pressure is being forced into each vent. Do you have a car with front and back vents? They might vibrate differently. If so, use a way to balance out the weight.

How to fix a car that is vibrating while running on AC?

There are a few things you can do to solve this problem. First, if your Car Vibrates When Ac is On and it’s only happening in one vent, try moving to another vent. So that there isn’t as much pressure being put onto just one side of your vehicle!

If that doesn’t work, then take a look at how much weight is being put onto each side of your car. If one side has more weight, then you’ll need to find a way to balance it out. So that the force is distributed evenly across both sides.

The easiest way to do this is by adding weights along the opposite side of where most of the pressure seems to be coming from until they balance out.

If you’ve tried both of these solutions and still your car vibrates when ac is on, then you should take a closer look at what’s causing that problem. Air enters through hoses or vents in the back; there could be something wrong with those. Your local auto shop can fix it for you.

Tips for how to avoid having your car shake or vibrate while running with AC 

If you car vibrates when ac is on, that means that something is wrong. You should clean the vents to make sure they are not dirty. In addition, If your car still shakes, there might be another problem in your car.

If there’s any dirt or dust inside, then this is going to cause the same problem we mentioned in reason number one: having too much pressure on just one side of your vehicle. Thus, If your vents are clean and clear, you can buy weights for your car. If the air conditioner is on, the weights will help make it stop shaking.

This is just a temporary fix, though! There’s still likely something that needs to be fixed on your vehicle so it doesn’t keep happening again and again.

Ways to keep your engine from being too hot in summertime heat waves

On our blog, you can find some tips on how to keep your engine from overheating. We have a few different ideas that can help!

1. Keep the car in a shaded spot

When you park your car in a place with less hot sun, it can stay cool. If you park your car outside and there is garbage inside, it will be hotter.

2. Turn off your engine

If you’re in traffic or if your car has broken down and you need to stop, then make sure that you turn off the engine. This will keep it from overheating while you wait for help! You should also leave the windows open just a crack so that there’s enough of an airflow inside to cool everything off when turning on your engine again.

This is especially important if you’re in traffic because the engine will be working harder while it’s running and that can make it get hotter faster! You’ll want to avoid sitting still with your car on for too long during these summertime heat waves!

3. Use the air conditioner

It’s much better for your engine if you use the air conditioner to cool down rather than opening up windows, which can let hot air in. This is because it draws out all of that extra heat and makes everything inside the car cooler! It might take longer, but this will keep your engine running safely throughout those summer months where high temperatures are common.

If opening up windows is necessary, you can still do this while using the AC as well! Open them just a crack to let in some air and then turn on your AC so that everything is cooled down faster than trying to open windows by yourself. This won’t be quite as effective but it’ll help you out for those times when you really need to cool down.

You might also want to consider using tinted windows because this will help keep the temperature inside your car from getting too hot, especially if it’s black tint! You won’t have as much of a problem with overheating and that can make all the difference during those summertime heat waves.

4. Add an ice pack or wet towel on top of your steering wheel or dashboard 

If you don’t want to use your air conditioning, then adding an ice pack or a wet towel on top of the steering wheel will help cool things down. This will be more effective than opening windows because it keeps the hot air out.

5. Open up all the windows

It is difficult to use an air conditioner if your car starts shaking. You can help the air conditioner by spraying water on the ground as it leaves your car, or you can also leave a note for yourself on your dashboard. AC units cool the air outside. You need to make sure that your AC filter is clean and not clogged so it will work better.

The only drawback with using an ice pack or a wet towel on top of the dashboard is that they might drip onto you while you’re driving! However, there are methods to overcome this. Just make sure that you’re wearing something underneath and it’ll be fine!

You may want to avoid using an ice pack on top of the dashboard because they can melt quickly and drip onto your seat or floorboard which isn’t very safe at all. A wet towel is a better option if you don’t have any ice packs lying around the house.


Why does a car engine lose power when the ac is turned on?

Some people think this is because the AC is sapping all the power out of the vehicle. This isn’t actually true, but rather an understandable misunderstanding. Since AC systems usually act by running the pressurized air through water in order to cool it. Putting your AC on can make you run low on water.

This may be why you’re feeling like your car engine may be getting weaker with higher temperatures outside. And when driving with an activated AC system in full blast with all windows up. This would contribute to that false sense that something’s wrong with your car’s engine, especially if it’s not in great shape already!

Is it normal for a car’s RPM to go down when the air is turned on?

That depends on whether or not the car has a computer controlled idle or manual low-idle adjustment.

When the air conditioner is on, how do you get a rough idle to disappear?

Your idle speed needs to rise with the AC. The improper idle adjustment causes the engine to use more gas during braking and idling.

Make sure that you adjust your accelerator idle system accordingly when driving. To avoid throttle plate sticking or sticking of the throttle valve due to increased pressure caused by air flowing inside for air conditioning purposes.

Is it normal for AC to vibrate?

Yes. It is easy to find a metal frame that will vibrate when you give it electricity. It has something called piezoelectric material on the frame.

What are the primary causes of engine motor mount failure?

The type of surface your car is on and the radiator cooling fan placement will affect how much vibration you feel. This also depends on the condition of your tires and air pressure.

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