Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features & Specs

For those who want a medium-sized sedan, the Changan Alsvin has arrived in Pakistan. Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan: The car will be available from Master Motors Limited and its local partner for three years with 100 thousand kilometres on warranty, whichever comes first!

It’s not just about looks either: features such as anti-theft alarms and keyless entry mean that this vehicle is ready to go anywhere you take it to. Whether that means business trips or weekend getaways alike because no matter how busy your schedule gets – there are always moments worth celebrating, and this car will ensure that you get there in style.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan

If you are looking to buy the latest Changan Alsvin, it will cost between 2149000-2599000.

Changan Alsvin Colors 

Changan Alsvin has a variety of colours to choose from Steller White, Lunar Silver and Galaxy Black. They also offer cosmic red for those who want an edgier look or space grey if you’re more into sleek designs with minimalism at its finest!

Changan Alsvin Top Speed

The New Changan Alsvin has a top speed of 191 km/h and can go from 0-100 in just 12.71 seconds!

Changan Alsvin Mileage 

The combined fuel consumption of the Changan Alsvin 2022 is 11.64 km/l which isn’t bad at all!

Changan Alsvin Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of the Alsvin is 11.64 km/l which isn’t bad at all!

Changan Alsvin Interior

The car’s stylish and safe interior is made of synthetic leather seats with a 7-inch Human Machine Interface (HMI). This lets you change the temperature, the lighting, and the locks. It also has dual airbags for making your drive more enjoyable! The top of Lumiere offers cruise control which makes it easy on drivers’ nerves when they need to concentrate on something else during their commute instead, like traffic or road conditions outside, for example.

Changan Alsvin 2021 Exterior
Changan Alsvin 2022 Exterior

Whether you’re looking forward to owning one yourself soon. Because this seems exactly what everyone needs today. A reliable ride is always by your side at all times, whether you’re on the road or at home, with some good music to keep you company while you rest. As far as safety goes, this car has it all. It has a built-in anti-theft alarm system which you can put on at night to keep your car safe while you sleep or a built-in keyless entry system. So you never have to look for your keys again.

Changan Alsvin Exterior

Changan Alsvin 2021 Interior
Changan Alsvin 2022 Interior

Standard features include:

Projector headlights.

It has a camera in the back and sensors to make it safer when you park. It has 15-inch wheels on all three versions.

The ‘Lumiere’ version adds LED daytime running lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, and an upgraded instrument cluster.

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Changan Alsvin Features

The Changan car, launched in Pakistan by its local distributor, is different from other cars on the market. It comes with important features such as projector headlamps and DRL, which are not available to buy elsewhere. Some others include the front butterfly grill for enhanced visibility; shark-fin antenna added onto the steering wheel.

So it can be seen better at night time or when driving through busy areas where there’s minimal light pollution like highways without street lights lit up brightly inside cities. Because they’re too far away instead of having bright headlights shine towards drivers’ eyes, making them feel dazzled rather than safer. We know most accidents happen within less distance between vehicles involved; lastly, the side-view mirrors have been adjusted to make this car safer for driving on highways or at night time.

Changan Alsvin Specifications

The 1.37 Litre BlueCore engine is a four-stroke, in-line unit that generates 99hp and 135Nm torque. Compared to other machines on offer from competing brands. This produces excellent power for its size; however, fuel efficiency figures put it ahead of the pack!

This lightweight four-cylinder has been fitted with an even more efficient 2L twin turbocharger system. Thus, which helps make up some ground when matched against larger capacity competitors. Such as Volkswagen Polo GTI (petrol). The identical sibling model available as either 5-speed manual transmission or dual-clutch auto gearbox means you don’t have any worries about how your choice will affect performance at different speeds duelling traffic lights or driving uphill.

Final Words

We can help you find the best Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan with features and specifications with complete detail.

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