DFSK Glory 580 Pro Price in Pakistan Specs Features

The South Asian automotive industry has been growing rapidly as it now includes the SUV family as a variety of options for consumers. Here, we will discuss DFSK Glory 580 Pro Price in Pakistan and how it was launched by Regal Motors on December 20th 2018. With its fantastic mini-SUV. The Glory 580 pro is for sale at an affordable price range of PKR 1’20000 to US$ 6500. Which has potential customers waiting impatiently just like other cars available today made by KIA Sportage or Hyundai Tuscan.

It seems that many competitors are entering this market, but only time can tell who will come out ahead due solely based on their prices alone. If one wants something luxurious and spacious, DFSK Glory 580 Pro with impressive Specs & Features is the right choice for you.

DFSK Glory 580 Pro Price in Pakistan

This car costs between PKR 3.750 million and 4.549 million rupees. It is a very affordable price that will make other automobile manufacturers in Pakistan think about their prices too!


The engine of this car delivers up to 12 to 14 kilometres per litre. It’s fuel-efficient, which makes it one-of-a-kind for its class and specifications!


The company currently offers four colours for this car in Pakistan. We hope they will be adding more soon!

Black, White, Silver, grey metallic blue and brown are all available options of paint to personalize your ride. With some added flair on top of its standard features like airbags that protect front-seat occupants from whiplash injuries. During collisions or side impacts if deployed correctly by sensors triggered at impact time.

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DFSK Glory 580 Pro Features

The features of this car are excellent. It has an air conditioning system, a defogger to clear away any foggy windows for visibility on the road ahead and a small boot/fuel lid that enables you to open your door. At the same time, someone else drives off with all luggage still inside! There are even cup holders in place if you need something other than coffee or tea during those long commutes at work – what more could anyone want? D

DFSK Glory 580 Pro Specifications

The new car that has just been launched is a monster. It comes with an engine and transmission type, which are both worth mentioning. The 1498cc churns out power like there’s no tomorrow! Its fuel source? Petrol – you can smell it in your nose as soon as this bad boy starts up.

We all know how much respect I feel towards British cars (I’ve owned 5 of them). Who needs gas when I could be making over 40 miles per gallon?! The kerbs weight at 1510kg means these monsters will go from 0-60 mph within 10 seconds flat. While getting around 12km/l on average thanks to its Automatic CVT Transmission with a top speed of 170km/h.

DFSK Glory Pro Availability

If you’re thinking about buying one of these cars, please be informed that DFSK Glory 580 Pro’s headquarters are in Clifton, Karachi. This article was the detailed review of DFSK Glory 580 Pro Price in Pakistan with features and specifications.

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