Eunseo Bot Commands: How to Use and Play Eunseo Bot in Discord

If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely heard of Discord, a popular gaming communication platform. Among the many features of Discord are bots, including the Eunseo bot, which is part of the custom bots group. The Eunseo bot Discord is a card game you can play easily, and it comes with unique features that make it stand out from other bots.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the Eunseo bot command, invite the bot, play the game, and discuss the bot’s features. We’ll also discuss how to fix the Eunseo Bot Not Working issue.

How to Use the Eunseo Bot Command?

To use the Eunseo bot command, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Invite button.
  2. Choose the server where you want to locate the bot.
  3. Enable all permissions required for the bot.
  4. Fill in the captcha.
  5. The bot can revolve around four actions: Get Gacha Cards, Collect Gems, Complete Groups, and Trade and Buy Cards. Use the appropriate commands to perform these actions.

How to Invite Eunseo Bot?

To invite Eunseo Bot to your server, follow these steps:

  1. Hit the invite button.
  2. Go to the site and invite the bot.
  3. Choose the server where the bot is essential.
  4. Ensure that the bot has enough permission to work.
  5. Fill in the captcha and wait for a minute.
  6. Look for the bot icon, which is available on the right sidebar, for confirmation.
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How to Play Eunseo Bot?

Playing Eunseo Bot is easy. Collect Gems using the ‘/daily’, ‘/work’, and ‘/vote’ slash commands. Gacha cards use the’/cache command to get Gacha cards. Complete favorite groups, resulting in legendary cards. Purchase cards to trade them with the help of the ‘/trade’ and ‘/arc commands. Join the server to see the new list of Eunseo Bot Card IDs, then look in the “new card” text channel.

Eunseo Bot Command Features

Eunseo Bot is excellent for K-pop fans as Kpop Singer Eunseo inspires it. The cards have K-pop singers and idols. It comes with unique features in gameplay to hook up users, enabling them to have a great gameplay experience. You can collect Gems daily, purchase new items, and customize cards. The game is perfect for the economy, gaming, K-pop, and other gaming-related experiences. Its growth is seen in the discord community with many users and comes with a 4.2-star average rating. The bot can deliver the best card game experience and is a must-recommend for servers.

Daily Commands

/w:It is a shortcut for /work command
/work:It is used to claim 100 gems every 20 minutes
/vote:For collecting 500 gems after watching an ad (every 12 hours), it is used
/daily:To claim 500 gems for every 20 hours, it is used
/CDs:Check the remaining time for the /daily, /vote, and /work command
/quest:Using this, you can check quests for gems or peanuts (from daily to monthly)

Gacha Commands

/gacha:This command is used to pull 1 to 10 cards
/fav cards:Using this command, you will able to create a few cards as your favorite with card IDs
/inv:You can check your or others’ inventory using this command.
/fav last:This command allows the user to pull the last card as per their choice
/unfav:Using this command, you can delete cards from the favorite list
/burn all:If you want to burn every non-favorite card in the inventory, use the command.

Trading Commands

/AUC:Using this command, users can check specific auctions.
/sell cards:For selling a few cards with Card IDs, use this command.
/sell last:You can use the command for putting the last pulled card for the auction
/bid:Bid on can be found on the card which is available.
/add:Use this card for adding a card to the trade
/buy:For buying inventory expansions, use it.
/redeem:For redeeming a premier membership, you can take the help of this command.

Utility Commands

/help:If you want to open the quick help guide, use this command.
/rules:Using this command, you can check the bot rules.
/profile :For checking profile details, use this command.
/event:You can check the future and present events, using this command.
/opengift:For opening gifts upon finishing groups, eras, and idols, this command is used.
/lottery :If you want to check upcoming lottery events, use this command.
/profile new_bio:Using this command, users will be able to add a profile bio
/profile user:Discord ID

This command is used for checking specific Discord IDs or Eunseo profiles

How to Fix the Eunseo Bot Not Working Issue?

The Eunseo Bot Not Working issue may arise occasionally. A bot server outage or an internet connection may cause the issue. If you encounter this problem, check your internet connection and wait for the bot server to recover. If the issue persists, reach out to the bot developer for assistance.


In conclusion, the Eunseo bot Discord is an excellent card game bot with unique features and is perfect for K-pop fans. Follow the steps above to invite and use the Eunseo bot command, play the game, and fix any issues.

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