FA2 Question Paper Class 10 2018 To 2024

Formative Assessment 2 Question Papers. Formative Assessment (FA2) Model Papers for Primary Classes  I, II, III, IV, V. AP Schools CCE Model FA 2 papers in Telugu, English, Mathematics and  Environmental Science subjects. As Per School Calendar 2018, every academic year, FA 2 Exams will be conducted at the End of August Month.

FA2 question paper class 10 2018

Formative Assessment exams are conducted for 50 marks in 4 subjects Telugu, English, Maths, and EVS. Out of 50 Marks, 20 Marks are for project work. For Teachers and Students!

1st Class:

Telugu | English | Maths

2nd Class:

Telugu | English | Maths

3rd Class:

Telugu | English | Maths | EVS

4th Class:

Telugu | English | Maths | EVS

5th Class:

Telugu | English | Maths | EVS

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