Gunsmith Part 5: Escape from Tarkov

Embarking on the Gunsmith Part 5 quest in Escape from Tarkov is no small feat. It marks a significant milestone as players must be at least level 10 to undertake the modification of a Remington Model 870 to meet exacting standards. This quest not only tests your gunsmithing skills but also rewards you with 4,100 EXP, reputation enhancement, and dollars, along with unlocking new barter options​​.

Quest Overview and Requirements: Gunsmith Part 5

Before diving into the modifications, let’s outline the quest’s fundamental requirements. Players must enhance the durability of the Remington Model 870 to 60, ensure the recoil sum is 500 or less, and achieve 60 or more ergonomics. Additionally, a tactical device and any foregrip are necessary, with recommendations for a Magpul MOE M870 Forestock​​.

Recent Updates to Gunsmith Part 5

It’s crucial to note that recent updates have shifted the focus of this quest from the complex DVL-10 Saboteur to the more accessible Remington Model 870 shotgun. This change has streamlined the process for players, making it easier to comply with the quest’s requirements​​.

Strategy for Quest Completion

Completing Gunsmith Part 5 requires a strategic approach. It’s advisable to procure the necessary items through the flea market or merchants to assemble a compliant Remington Model 870. This quest tests resourcefulness and understanding of the game’s mechanics​​.

Recommended Builds

There are several builds to consider for the Gunsmith Part 5. One such body involves the Remington Model 870 12ga pump-action shotgun with an M870 Magpul MOE handguard and an M870 Magpul SGA polymer stock. These parts can be bartered, showcasing the game’s dynamic trading system​.

Tips for Successful Quest Completion

The challenge lies in the details. Following the quest’s specified steps meticulously will lead to successfully modifying the shotgun, earning players an increased reputation and in-game currency rewards​.


Gunsmith Part 5 is more than just a quest; it’s a journey that tests your patience, skill, and adaptability. With the right strategy and understanding of the game’s trading system, players can emerge victorious, gaining not only material rewards but also the satisfaction of mastering one of Escape from Tarkov’s more demanding challenges.

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