Honda CR-Z 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features Specs

Honda is an automobile company working in the country for quite some time. Honda CR-Z 2023 Price Pakistan is offered here. It comes with many great features, making this car a highly desired vehicle among people of all ages, especially youngsters who love speed or own cars themselves.

But want something different than what they’ve got before now. The sporty design gives its users individuality while still providing comfort on long journeys. So if you’re one such person, then don’t hesitate to go ahead and purchase your very own HONDA model today by following our article. Honda CR-Z 2023 all details mentioned below:

Honda CR-Z 2023 Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the price of this car lies between PKR 22-34 Lacs as it is an imported model and varies depending on its condition at the time of purchase. There are four different grades available for these cars, which you can check out by visiting their Honda official website linked above!


The color options for this car are as follows:

  • North Shore Blue Pearl
  • Polished Metal Metallic
  • Premium White Pearl
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Deep Violet Pearl
  • Milano Red
  • Violet

These are the colors, which are available for this car.

Honda CR-Z Interior

The interior of this car is uniquely designed and equipped with a host of features that make driving safer, like a push-button start. It also includes Lane Watch safety technology so you can keep an eye on your surroundings while navigating through traffic or parking in tight spots!

Honda CR-Z 2021 Interior
Honda CR-Z 2023 Interior

The electronics inside are great for everything from transferring information about where we’ve been over time to starting when it’s cold outside by recognizing how hard our hands may have had a grip on the steering wheel due to warmer days – all without us needing any assistance; getting there first hand!

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Honda CR-Z Exterior

Honda CR-Z 2021 Exterior
Honda CR-Z 2023 Exterior

A front grille, 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, and dynamic LED brake lights. These are all the things by which beauty is enhancing features enhance your eye appeal for a better look at it!

Honda CR-Z 2023 Features

The following are the features of this car:

Power Windows, Power Mirrors, and Steering Wheel Controls for Audio System with Push-Button Start. Lane Watch Safety Technology keeps you in the know about what’s happening around your vehicle, along with Electronic Parking Brake, which will stop on a dime. Underneath all that shine lies an underpowered but quick Lithium-ion battery tandem to LED daytime running lights giving drivers plenty of visibility at nighttime or in bad weather conditions.

Honda CR-Z 2023 Specifications

The engine type of this car is Gasoline, and the displacement is 1332 cubic centimeters. It also has an engine power of 130 horsepower and 150 Nm torque while the transmission is CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) which is a step up from the older models.

The car has a curb weight of 2853 pounds, and its overall length is 167.0 inches. Its width is 69.0 inches, and its height is 54.0 inches at the same time, also including a ground clearance of – TBD-. The fuel tank capacity offered by this car has an astonishing 15 gallons, which can last us for around 480 kilometers (300 miles) depending on how we drive it!

Top Speed

The top speed of this car is 130 KM/H which isn’t very fast but can get us from one place to another smoothly and comfortably.


You can find this unique car at only selected imported dealerships across Pakistan and on popular websites that sell vehicles online. So these are all the details about the Honda CR-Z 2023! We hope that this article can provide you with all the necessary information you were looking for, and we also hope to assist you in your car purchase as well! Thank You.

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