Kia Cerato 2023 Price in Pakistan Features and Specs

The KIA Cerato 2023 is the newest model in their range, which is both modern and attractive. In this article, Kia Cerato 2023 Price in Pakistan is available. This car will provide you with a fantastic driving experience, but it’s not just for looks; this vehicle also offers affordability that you can’t find in any other model on today’s market!

The turbocharged 2-litre engine produces 280hp while being paired upfront or all-wheel drive transmission ensures optimal power distribution. Between these components at every turn of your round steering wheel thanks to six gears available inside. Each option box represents how fast drivers want to go down the road when coasting towards traffic lights etc. The design of this vehicle is sporty and compact, making it perfect to drive around town or on long road trips! 

The KIA Cerato 2023 has many features that make it stand out among other cars in its class, such as LED headlights, fog lights, a keyless entry/start system, heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity, and more! The exterior colour options include a black sapphire pearl paint job or a white diamond pearl paint job. While the interior can be customized to your liking, from grey leather seats to red cloth seats. The KIA Cerato 2022 is a car that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

KIA Cerato 2023 Price in Pakistan [New Released]

The new model KIA Cerato price in Pakistan is almost PKR 4500000.

Kia Cerato Price in PKRPKR 4500000


The new KIA Cerato 2023 mileage is 10-12 km/litre.


The new KIA Cerato 2023 colours are black sapphire pearl paint job and white diamond pearl paint job.

Top speed

The top speed of the KIA Cerato 2023 is 210 km/hr. KIA Cerato Horsepower is 236 horsepower. The torque for this vehicle is 265 lb-ft.


KIA Cerato Transmission is an automatic transmission with six gears.

KIA Cerato 2023 Features

The new KIA Cerato 2023 features are the following:

The KIA Cerato 2023 is a comfortable and safe car for any family. This vehicle has many safety features that will keep everyone in your group protected from harm, including an anti-lock braking system with brake assist & electronic stability control (EBD).

Front airbags for driver and passenger seat simultaneously. As well side curtain protection along the first row of seats which included rear parking sensors or camera depending on if it’s equipped by dealer options list. There are also heated steering wheels making winter months more bearable. While still using both front seats without feeling too warm due to poor ventilation systems inside vehicles today.

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Also, you can plug all six heating units into one cigarette lighter socket! Other goodies include 17-inch alloy wheels covered up 14″ rims, three-zone climate control air conditioning, and a seven-inch infotainment center, which allows you to connect up your phone or USB devices through Bluetooth streaming audio.

The KIA Cerato 2023 has an impressive list of safety features such as:

As far as security systems go on this car, there is an engine immobilizer & alarm system, an intelligent key strategy for the doors and trunk that uses an electronic coded lock/unlock mechanism rather than old-fashioned metal keys. Some also come with two remote fobs that will allow you to remotely control both front Windows or just one side of them, depending on who is inside each time they press the button in their hand.

There is also an immobilizer system to protect your car from theft & unauthorized use, plus it comes with a steering wheel lock, so the thief has no choice but to leave everything alone.

KIA Cerato 2023 Specifications

The specifications of this car are mentioned below:

It has a 1600cc engine with 124 HP and 154 lb-ft of torque. Because of its low maintenance requirements, you can drive your vehicle about 1,000 miles on a single litre! That’s far more than other vehicles that claim to do 12 miles per litre on average.

 KIA Cerato Availability

Good news! The KIA Cerato 2023 is available now for sale in Pakistan.

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