Kia Grand Carnival 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features & Specs

Kia is launching different cars in Pakistan. The company’s latest creation, the Kia Grand Carnival 2023 Price in Pakistan has been announced to be available here with specifications and features made for local roads as well as user reliability! Discuss all these cars below.

Kias are perfect vehicles because they come equipped with great equipment that suits not just highways but also city streets to make them suitable anywhere you drive around town or even countrysides–especially if there isn’t always an option elsewhere close by where everyone can go often.

Kia Grand Carnival 2023 Price in Pakistan

This car may be one of the best deals in Pakistan. It’s perfect for people who want nice, new sports or luxury vehicles and can get them at an affordable price!

The starting bid on this car is PKR 12,599,000, which means you’ll never have to worry about not being able to make your payments again- unless something goes wrong with either me (the seller) or my truck while delivering these cars; then we’re both screwed!!!

KIA Grand Carnival PricePKR 12,599,000

Kia Grand Carnival 2023 Colors

For those interested in this Kia Grand Carnival 2023, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Some popular choices include: Clear White and Snow White Pearl (for pearlescent finishes), Silver or Titanium Brown paint finish with Platinum Graphite exterior colour for an exclusive look that only dealership owners can get!

Kia Grand Carnival Interior

Kia Grand Carnival 2021 Interior

The interior is also very comfortable because of the leather seats that are available in different colours like black or grey to go with whatever colour you choose for your exterior, blue door panels and the interior itself is very roomy, so it’s got a lot of space to hold all 11 passengers with comfort.

Kia Grand Carnival Exterior

Kia Grand Carnival 2021 Exterior

This car is a massive vehicle that can hold up to 11 passengers. It’s got 20′ alloy wheels and a panoramic sunroof! It’s also very sleek with the Platinum Graphite exterior paint finish.

Kia Grand Carnival 2023 Features 

That car has a lot of features that would require hours to describe. There are many things in this car that I like. There are power windows and mirrors, steering wheel remote controls (Bluetooth hands-free auto cruise control), push start button for emergencies.

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We have a 3D TFT cluster screen that makes everything look better. You can pair it with your phone and listen to music. And we have sunroofs that make driving easier because you can see the sky during the day when it’s hot outside.

Air Conditioner
CD Player
Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid
Cup Holders
AM/FM Radio

Kia Grand Carnival 2023 Specifications

This car has a variety of specs that will accommodate almost any need you have in mind. This car has a 13 speaker sound system, a DVD player for entertainment when kids get bored or if they want to watch TV in the 80s again, power windows/mirrors/doors, and remote control for the engine.


Kia Grand Carnival has a diesel engine. It is very fuel-efficient and has plenty of power. If it starts to rain, the rain will not touch the window because there are no windshield wipers!


This car is also very flexible in terms of what kind of transmission it offers. It can be offered with either a manual or an automatic shift gear option for the driver to choose from depending on their preference (or if they want to save money, they can get both at no extra charge!).


This car has an average MPG of 24 miles per gallon which means it’s perfect. If you have a long commute to work every day or are planning on driving around town with friends all night. Also, It comes equipped with alloy wheels. So no need to worry about not having the right kind of rims on your vehicle to make it stand out from everyone else’s.

Kerb Weight
No of Doors5 doors
Overall Height1740 mm
Overall Length5115 mm
Overall Width1985 mm
Seating Capacity11 persons

Kia Grand Carnival Availability 

You can buy this car at different Kia dealers across Pakistan. It’s available for a slightly more reliable price than its features. This new model of the Grand Carnival will be introduced in 2023 with all-new style lines to suit today’s traffic conditions. Giving you a fantastic driving experience every day!

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