Proton Brings in Car Deliveries By End Of This Month

Pakistani car manufacturer (Al-Haj Motors) Proton has announced that it will start car deliveries of its new Proton cars in the country by the end of this month. Geely and Pakistan’s Nishat Group recently announced their latest joint venture, which they named Proton, in March 2018. The company had previously announced plans to unveil two models – Proton 1 and Proton 2 – at an event on April 20th.

Al-Haj Motors has announced that they will be completing car deliveries by October 2021. Which is a relief to many customers who were awaiting their vehicles. The company said it’s fully aware of how inconvenient this delay was and apologized for any issues caused as well due to delays beyond its control.

Price Vs. Increasing Dollar Rate

X70 customers should be happy to know that the car manufacturer is offering them a special introductory and subsidized price of Rs5,390,000. However, due to increased freight costs as well as the Pakistani rupee devaluing by 6%. Al-Haj has decided not to increase retail prices on imported CBU X70 aircraft despite this rise in cost!

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The company had done so because they wanted their delayed deliveries. From Boeing to ultimately meet customer expectations without disruptions or delays caused by an ever-increasing amount owed for import taxes. Which are typically paid upfront at the time orders come online (these however vary per country).

Good News for Proton Lovers

The Malaysian government has lifted its limitations on Proton, allowing the company to resume business and start car deliveries. “AlHaj Auto and Proton Malaysia are working together so as soon as possible arrangements for shipments from there back home!” said a statement released by

Al Haji auto on August 30th, 20121 after they took note of this development and turnaround time frame. Between now And when all goods should be shipped out From company facilities here In Lahore Pakistan.

The company went on to say that this would allow it to fulfill pending CBU orders and begin local assembly in Pakistan. It is pertinent for you all to know, Proton cars such as X70 or Saga were on hold. Due to ship delayed from Malaysia because COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted now.

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