Road King Electric Bike 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Road King Electric Bike 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs. A motorcycle culture shift has happened in Pakistan; new generations are looking for something new and different to satisfy their needs. To make up for this change, the company and Pakistani government revealed a Road King electric bike set at PKR 103,500 (USD 1,582) for 2023.

Road King Electric Bike 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Many organizations have introduced services in Pakistan over the past few years. However, Road King was the first to introduce these services with a variety of features. All features are covered from top speeds to price! Individuals looking for a new electric bike will be pleased to know about all aspects before making such an investment – including pricing!

Road King Electric Bike 2023 Price in Pakistan

The retail price for the Road King electric bike in Pakistan 2023 has not yet been announced. However, it is safe to say that once it reaches Pakistani showrooms, there will be an official price tag associated with it. People are eagerly awaiting information on how much a Jolta electric bike costs in Pakistan too.

Road King Electric Bike 70 E PKR 103,500 (Estimated)
Road-King Electric Bike Deluxe 70 E PKR 110,000 (Estimated)
Road King Electric 100 E PKR 130,000 (Estimated)

A single bicycle from Company A has just been announced called The Governor of Punjab, Ch Sarwar. He praised the company for their efforts and attended the ceremony a few days after it was released to launch it for sale; however, this bike is not yet available on the roads in every city in Pakistan. Pricing for this product will not be known until Company A releases it to the market and these bikes are not currently available at the time of writing.

Road King Electric Bike Specification and Features:

The company has installed many of the newer features, as well as some of the newer and interesting specifications which are listed below.

  • No Petrol Require
  • No Engine
  • Battery and Motors installed on engine place
  • No gear
  • Kick Option Close just AutoStart

These are some of the special features and specifications of this bike. We will keep updating you about the newly released features of this bike in the future. Below you can find a complete list of how much the price for an electric Road King is in Pakistan over the course of four years.

Along with all the specs and features included below so that readers have access to detailed information about this product. And if we introduce anything new on our website, we’ll update it here too! We always love hearing from our customers about what type of bikes or accessories they would like us to carry. Also read: Top 10 Best 200cc Bikes in India 2022

Top Speed:

In preparation for the test, the company will determine if it can reach high speeds over a short period of time. Though its most important feature is that it can travel up to 80 kilometers on one charge.

Lithium-Ion Battery performance

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, these bicycles require only 2-4 hours to recharge. Before they are fully charged again. But whereas most cars that are in the same class take a lot longer to charge, this bike has proven its popularity due to how quickly it can travel while being completely silent and emissions-free!

Battery type Dray and lithium-ion battery
Electricity consumption in one charge 2 to 3 units
Peak power (hp) output 1.2 hp
Charging Time 2 hours to 3 hours
Top speed 80 to 90 km
Displacement capacity 70 cc and 100 cc
Maximum mileage value 100 km per charge

This bike has a durable and long-lasting battery that guarantees you five years or so. And not only does it take less energy, but it also works really well on all types of terrains like asphalt and gravel. Not to mention, the battery is quick charging and takes no more than 2-3 units per hour!

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