Road Prince RP 70 2023 Price in Pakistan – Latest Model

Road Prince RP 70 2023 is the latest model. The latest Road Prince RP70 2023 price in Pakistan can be found here. Road Prince is known for providing high-quality products thanks to its skilled workers and the latest technology. This bike meets a valid owner’s requirements, namely durability and excellence. Moreover, Road Prince also offers the 11occ and bullet models in Pakistan.

Road Prince RP 70 2023 Price In Pakistan

  • The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 81,500. This price range is good for this kind of bike.

Road Prince RP 70 is powered by a 4-stroke engine and is cooled using an air single cylinder. Thanks to the latest technology, it is more durable and reliable than 70cc bikes. The latest Road Prince RP70 shocks are more robust and flexible, eliminating the need to worry about bad and bumpy roads. Road Prince RP70 petrol tank capacity of 10.5 Liter means there is no need to worry about petrol shortages. Road Prince RP 70 is an excellent choice for those who want to travel more than 60 km/litre.

Road Prince 70cc New Model PKRPKR 81,500

Road Prince RP70’s new, improved design attracts people’s intentions. The elegant design of the fuel tank and the new tank logo makes it stand out from other bikes. This spacious, powerful, and comfortable seat has a rear grip. You can choose from black or red colours for the bike. The Road Prince RP70’s speedometer is in excellent condition and clear.

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Road Prince Classic 70cc 2023 Price in Pakistan

China’s road prince introduced the Classis 70cc bicycle for people to use. It is now available in all cities of Pakistan at affordable prices, as compared with other brands.

Road prince passion and 70cc 2023 price Pakistan are mentioned to inform the public about this bike, which is now ready for use. You can now buy the bike for as low as 54,000 Rupees. The recent road prince company announced a new vehicle within the content of Hond 150. Candidates who want to learn more about Road prince can now click on Road Prince 150.

Feature of the Road Prince RP 70:

The features of this bike are given below:

  • 4-stroke engine, air-cooled Single Cylinder
  •  Beautiful and Attractive Graphics on the fuel tank
  •  Spacious and Comfortable Seats with rear grip
  •  Available in two colours (Red and Black)
  •  The fuel Tank Capacity is 9.5 Liters
  •  Gigantic and Brightened LED Tail Light
  •  Kick starter

These were all the features of this bike.

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Specifications of the Road Prince  70:

The specifications of this bike are as follows:

Engine4 Stroke OHC, Air Cooled, Single CylinderDisplacement70cc
Bore & StrokeN/ACompression RatioN/A
ClutchN/ATransmission4-Speed Transmission System
StartingKick startFrameN/A
Dimension (Lxwxh)N/AGround ClearanceN/A
Petrol Capacity9.5 LiterTyre at FrontN/A
Tyre at BackN/ADry Weight82KG

These are the specs of the bike, one of the most popular in Pakistan. Road Prince RP 70 2023 Price In Pakistan is quite economical.

This bike is affordable and accessible to everyone. People love the fuel mileage. This is because most people prefer a vehicle that gets good mileage when they buy a vehicle. You can also read all details and specifications about the bike.

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