Where to Find Smuggling Tunnels in MW2 DMZ: A Complete Guide

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode is a popular game mode that has existed for some time. In Season 2, this mode has seen some exciting additions, including new missions and the ability to play the mode on the Warzone map. One of the most crucial missions in this mode is the Smuggling Tunnels mission, a tier two mission for the White Lotus faction. In this article, we’ll provide a complete guide on where to find smuggling tunnels in MW2 DMZ.

Finding the Smuggling Tunnels 

You’ll need to find the smuggling tunnels in MW2 DMZ to start the mission. There are a few entrances to the tunnels, and they are challenging to locate. However, we have marked two of them on the map to make finding them more accessible.

The first entrance (marked ‘1’) is located in the middle of nowhere, and you should come across some gates that have been blown open. For the second entrance, head to the second red circle, and you should find a well between some walls. You can parachute down the well or use the rope to get down.

Placing Tactical Cameras 

Once you’ve found the smuggling tunnels, your next objective is placing Tactical Cameras watching two entrances. Bring some Tactical Cameras with you before you deploy for this mission. To complete this objective, place the cameras just inside the tunnel entrance and make sure they are watching the door itself. You must do this right to pick them back up.

Extracting in One Deployment 

Your final objective is to remove all-in-one deployment. Once you’ve completed the previous goals, you can go to any extraction point and safely get out, ending the mission and giving you your rewards.

Additional Tips 

When inside the tunnels, make sure to clear them as much as you can. If you still need to bring Tactical Cameras on the mission, you can find some here if you scour around. Also, if you’re looking to extract an IFAK in MW2 DMZ, part of one of the new faction missions, keep an eye out for any opportunities.


In conclusion, the Smuggling Tunnels mission is crucial to Modern Warfare 2 DMZ. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly locate the smuggling tunnels, place Tactical Cameras, and extract them in one deployment. We hope this guide has been helpful and wish you the best of luck completing this mission.

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