Suzuki Cultus 2023 Price in Pakistan: Features, Specs

We are all aware of the company Suzuki in Pakistan. They have introduced many cars to Pakistan. You can find Suzuki Cultus 2023 Price in Pakistan here. In Pakistan, Suzuki cars have played a significant role and succeeded in gaining a large consumer base. We will talk about the Suzuki Cultus, one of their well-known vehicles. Every year, the company makes a new car. It will have many different features and prices to help the customer. One of these cars is Suzuki Cultus 2023. 

Suzuki Cultus 2023 Price in Pakistan

The company for this car has released different variants in 2023 with prices as follows:

Variants Price
Cultus VXR PKR 2,754,000
Cultus VXL PKR 3,024,000
Cultus AGS PKR 3,234,000

Suzuki Cultus Colors

The following are the colors of this vehicle: Pear Red, Graphite Grey, and White; these paint jobs can be applied to any model available in Pakistan. The Super Pearl Black color option has been recently introduced for those who want an even glossier shine. it was created using skillful techniques such as clear coating or painting over black base coatings with layers of pearlescent pigments until you achieve just the right hue.

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Other shades include Cerulean Blue, which resembles vibrant cobalt blue flowers at your fingertips when wet (it’ll remind them why they love driving so much). Silky Silver reflects sunlight down onto itself like liquid silver droplets on hot metal rods under moonlight sky while also being kind enough not.

Suzuki Cultus Exterior

Suzuki Cultus 2021 Exterior
Suzuki Cultus 2023 Exterior

Suzuki’s Cultus 2023 has a sleek and stylish exterior design. The front face of this compact hatchback is made up of an angular grille, which sits between two high beams placed at the top center area above fog lights that are circular like most cars on Pakistani roads today. A trapezium-shaped taillight also finishes off its rear end giving it uniqueness among other imported models available within Pakistan.

Suzuki Cultus Interior

The interior of the Suzuki Cultus 2023 is a luxurious and spacious place for all your needs. It comes standard with black cloth, which makes it sophisticated looking while fulfilling customer demand to keep things simple. Yet elegant at first glance without compromising function or safety features such as dual front airbags or power windows/mirrors.

Suzuki Cultus 2021 Interior
Suzuki Cultus 2023 Interior

That can be operated from inside using audio controls on an included CD player if desired; there’s also auxiliary input plugging available so you’re never left wanting when connecting portable devices like iPhones or Androids!

Suzuki Cultus Features

The car features many different hardware and software components that the company installs. These include power windows, mirrors, a steering wheel with air conditioning system/heating feature, and an Integrated FM radio tuner for your entertainment needs! This vehicle is one of its kind in India due to all these innovative designs, including accessories excluding the Gold variant (VLX).

Sr. Features Variants
1. Power Steering Yes Yes
2. Front Airbags No Yes
3. Immobilizer Yes Yes
4. Automatic Transmission No No
5. Power Windows Yes Yes
6. ABS No Yes
7. Keyless entry Yes Yes
8. Central Door Yes Yes
9. Alloy wheels No Yes
10. Multimedia Yes Yes
11. Head Light leveling No No

Suzuki Cultus Engine

The 3rd Generation Suzuki Cultus comes with a 1.0 Litre SOHC 12 Valve Engine (K10B). That produces an impressive 60hp and 78 lb-ft torque, making this car ideal for both power and power economy in their vehicle.

Suzuki Cultus Mileage

If you drive the Suzuki Cultus 2023 in the city, you can expect to get an average of 18-19 KM/L. And if you drive on the highway, then it will average around 20 km.

The vehicle can go up to a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour, but most people will want to drive slower for better gas mileage, so they don’t use much fuel while traveling long distances or with frequent stops along their route.

Suzuki Cultus Specifications

The following are the vehicle’s specifications: This vehicle has a length of 3600 mm, a height of 1540mm, and a width of 1600 mm. It also comes equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and can reach speeds up to 180 km/h! These features, along with other variants, make sure you receive the best quality from Suzuki while navigating through your day-to-day life. Even when out on an adventure for some fun time driving around town together.

Engine K10B 12 Valve 3-Cylinder 1.0-litre
Displacement 1,000CC
No of Cylinder 3-Cylinder
Transmission Five-speed manual
Drivetrain Front-wheel drive


This car may be found at many Suzuki dealers in Pakistan. People can find their closest Suzuki dealer to buy the vehicle. Suzuki Cultus 2023 Price in Pakistan has been raised over the last year for many reasons. But most importantly, people buy cars more often after they have been on sale for one year.

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