Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features and Specifications

Toyota’s first imported car, the Aqua, has been a hit among Pakistani drivers for many reasons. You will get Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan detail here. It is hybrid-powered, saves fuel, and causes less pollution than traditional cars, this automobile attracts attention from environmentally conscious people.

The features of an aqua provide comfort and pleasure to even novice drivers– with its smooth acceleration technology on any terrain. Not only does the driver have full control over their own driving experience. But they can also set custom preferences such as voice command or steering wheel position adjustment settings. That suits them best so you’ll never feel out of place while behind your favorite new wheels again!

After giving a basic introduction to the car, let’s delve into what really makes this vehicle stand out. This car has a smooth and quiet interior. The seats are soft, plush, and comfortable for long drives. The seats are easy to adjust, with a variety of configurations available for your comfort.

The exterior is aerodynamic, sleek black, and beautiful in the eyes of many individuals who have seen it thus far! This car comes available in two colors: Grey or Black. With amenities like an air conditioner, power windows as well as doors, this vehicle will be one you’ll never regret buying!

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Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of this car in Pakistan is considered one of the expensive cars on the market. Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan range from PKR 2,300,000-3,000,000 with only used conditions available on various places online such as different imported dealers or selling websites like OLX or Carwale.


The Toyota Aqua 2023 is not just available in one color, but many. The colors range from a deep teal to an astounding purple and everything in between. The rich and diverse culture of Pakistan makes it a very unique place that has a lot for anyone looking for excitement.

The best part about it? Customers can choose their own color. This allows people with different tastes to find what they’re looking for and enjoy life even more. Before without having to worry about these issues any longer.

These may be some of the only cars that come from abroad into Pakistani territory because there’s so much demand driving up prices; as such, customers get an opportunity at finding out how amazing these imports really are by picking their favorite color right off the bat- no questions asked (although we know you have plenty).


The interior of this luxurious, five-person car is designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. It features an elegant steering wheel with an electronic motor that will never require manual tuning or any other maintenance to ensure your safety on the road. The spacious seats are outfitted with cup holders so you can take a sip from your favorite beverage without worrying about spills!

Toyota Aqua 2021 Interior

This vehicle also comes equipped with fog lights should visibility below in inclement weather conditions; AM/FM radio and CD player assures passengers have plenty to entertain themselves while cruising down Route 1 at 70 mph.

The tachometer monitors engine speed regardless of the driver is behind the wheel or not– giving peace of mind knowing everything’s running smoothly inside. As well as air conditioning which allows everyone inside perfect temperature control.


Toyota Aqua 2022 Exterior

It has four doors; it is 1455 mm in height and 1695mm wide. The weight of the car is 3995 kg which makes this vehicle heavier than most cars on the market today. The exterior comes with LED headlights that are energy efficient while emitting a powerful beam to light up your way day or night.


Power Windows to keep you cool in warmer months, and power mirrors for better control over your view. The power steering ensures that you don’t have to work too hard when driving, and there’s a tachometer on board if you’re looking for more feedback while cruising down open roads.

For entertainment, enjoy blasting beats from an LED headlight-equipped CD Player or jamming out with friends around cup holders situated throughout the interior’s spacious cabin. With air conditioning to make sure passengers stay comfortable no matter where they go. A car is the perfect mode of transportation for any climate.


  • The Toyota Aqua is a 7-seat, 3 row SUV
  • It has a 1,500cc engine with 100hp and 143Nm of torque
  • It can reach speeds up to 145km/h
  • Its fuel efficiency is 10-12 km per liter or 28 miles per gallon
  • You can get it for $50,000 USD on the Canadian market


Toyota Aqua, the perfect hybrid for you? We hope we’ve given you enough information about Toyota Aqua 2023 Price in Pakistan and what makes Toyota such a great choice when considering which car to buy. If there’s anything that is confusing or something at all that was left out please don’t hesitate to ask!

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