Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2022 Features and Specs

Toyota is one of Pakistan’s most well-known car brands. The Toyota Belta 2022 Price in Pakistan List for 2021 has been announced here. You can find it on our website now. We are recommending what are the best prices right now, but these might change in the future. How much demand there already seems to be among customers around town for new vehicles.

By way of tesla models or auto-rickshaws that can carry more than two people comfortably at once.¬† Thanks mainly to their increased size bumpers. Something no other small vehicle manufacturer offers yet. But will soon enough, according to Toyota’s official 2022 timeline.

Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2022

This car is more expensive because it’s imported and in used condition. Now, the price in Pakistan is 1,500,000 PKR.

Toyota Belta 2022 Colors

The Toyota Belta 2022 is one of the most popular cars around. They’re available in various colors, which makes them easy to suit any person’s taste. Here are some Toyota Belta 2022 colors you can choose from White, black, blue, silver.

Toyota Belta 2022 Mileage

The Toyota Belta 2022 is a car that gets excellent mileage. It can go up to 1,000 kilometers on a full tank of gas. The 2022 Toyota Belta is a futuristic car. That can drive up to 200 miles with one gallon of water. It will save you money because it doesn’t require much fuel to run. If you’re concerned about the environment, this may be the perfect car for you!

Toyota Belta Features 

Get all the features of a luxury car in one fantastic package! This vehicle has it. From alloy rims, fog lights, and an engine that’s powered by electricity. Also, There are many safety precautions for you to enjoy riding home tonight without worrying about traffic or weather conditions. This ride will take care of everything by pressing buttons and steering the wheel.

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No manual transmission is needed in this car, thanks to power-assisted electronic power steering (EPS). No CD player? We are better. But seriously, though, what other cars have all of the technology built in like these do?

Toyota Belta Specifications

The classic, luxurious sports car has a 1296cc engine that produces 134hp and 130 lb/ft torque. It features four valves per cylinder with 72 x 79.6mm bore spacing for smooth power delivery and an 11 compression ratio. Which means this vehicle can reach speeds up to 192 km/h. The fuel used in its Engine Capacity: 1296cc Eng Layout: Straight Cylinders 4 Valves 16 Bore/.8 Stroke 1 000 ccm is Petrol /Gasoline, and it runs on Unleaded Gas.

Toyota Belta Availability

If you need a car and don’t want to pay luxury price tags- then this is the perfect option for you. I also informed you that foreign automobiles can be found at a variety of used car dealerships and on internet sites like PakWheels. So, If someone is interested, he or she can obtain one.

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