Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features Specs

The people of Pakistan have been consistently buying Toyota cars for their best features and because street states across all levels plan these vehicles. You can find the Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan here, including new model releases and a range of refreshment deals on older models. That’s may not yet exist elsewhere.

Toyota has a variety of vehicles that can be purchased to meet your needs, like this year’s model. This Toyota IQ is perfect if you’re on the budget and want something reliable but not too expensive!

Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan 

If you’re looking for an efficient ride with just two seats, this card may be perfect. The price of Toyota’s IQ in Pakistan ranges between PKR 1,200-1 800000 thousand, which makes it quite affordable compared to other cars on our market today!

Toyota IQ Interior Design

The interior design of this vehicle is pretty lovely. There are only two seats, but the inside does not feel empty at all! The dashboard is black, and the seats are covered in leather. The steering wheel is also leather, making it feel more like a luxury car than an efficient one.

Toyota IQ Exterior Design

The exterior design of this car is also quite impressive. It looks like the original Toyota IQ, but it has a modern and sleek design. The front of this vehicle is very angular, and the sides are slightly curved. This car is excellent, making people want to buy it.

Toyota IQ 2023 Features & Specifications

The car has a very sleek and modern design. You’ll find that the features are pretty up-to-date, including an excellent sound system and even a sunroof! It’s perfect for city driving as it is pretty light and easy to handle. The engine is also incredibly fuel-efficient!


The Toyota IQ is a line of cars that began with the 2021 model. The engine options include 1.0 liter, 1.3, and even 2 liters in some cases! Gearboxes can range from 5-speed manual transmissions to automatic CVTs for your convenience; what do you think about all this?

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The mileage on the vehicles can vary, but most will give you around 25 km/L. And, This is quite efficient for a car of this size! You’ll be able to travel quite far for a small price tag.

Toyota IQ Problems

The only real problems that people have had with the car are related to its size, and that means it might not be an excellent idea for you if you have a large family. But for couples or single people, this card is perfect!


When it comes to shopping for a car, there are many options. Some people want the latest and greatest new model, while others prefer something more affordable to work well for their needs.

Toyota has both options available in its lineup of vehicles. If you’re looking for an excellent product at an even better price point, then look no further than this year’s Toyota IQ 2023 Price in Pakistan as one option among many wonderful things offered here at our dealership!

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