Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features & Specs

The Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Pakistan, this is one of the most popular cars in Pakistan. The car is available in four variants- Classic, GLI, XLE, and SR. All these variants are equipped with a 1.5-liter engine that generates power up to 120 horsepower. And torque of 145 Nm at 1250 rpm, making it great for city driving conditions too! Make sure you’re keeping up with the latest Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan 2023

The base variant of the Toyota Yaris 1300cc automatic costs 2,409 Pakistan Rupees. It can go up to 299,700 for models with more features like GLI MT 1.3 or VVTi-4 cylinder engines. The prices are subject to change without notice according to your choice and demand. But ex-factory is around these rates at present.

YARIS GLI M/T 1.3PKR 3,539,000
YARIS GLI CVT 1.3PKR 3,769,000
YARIS ATIV M/T 1.3PKR 3,729,000
YARIS ATIV CVT 1.3PKR 3,929,000
YARIS ATIV X M/T 1.5PKR 4,009,000
YARIS ATIV X CVT 1.5PKR 4,259,000


You can choose from a range of Toyota Yaris colours in Pakistan to make your car look more appealing and also according to your preference. Classic Silver Metallic, Pearl Aqua Blue Mica Metallic, Black Sand Pearl Metallic. The exterior design of this car is sleek and stylish, which makes it attractive to the eye.


The Toyota Yaris 2023 delivers excellent mileage of 17km/l in the city and 23 km/l on the highway. The fuel tank can hold up to 42 liters, which gives you the power when needed.

Toyota Yaris Interior

The interior of toyota yaris is designed to be well-organized and convenient for the driver. With all sorts of features that are ideal in their way. It has an infotainment system fitted on six inches widescreen. Which can be controlled using touchscreens or voice recognition technology, making it easy. This vehicle also comes equipped with a push start button. So you won’t need any tools besides your finger (though preferably both).

Toyota Yaris 2021 Interior
Toyota Yaris 2023 Interior

The steering wheel includes some nifty switches allowing drivers more control over. What music they want to stream through speakers while driving without having to worry about distractedly changing songs mid-conference call. Because everything was right there at hand where before had only been vague possibilities.

Toyota Yaris Exterior

The outside of this car is designed well and has all the features you would expect in a luxury car. It has lights that come on during. Due to some reason like rain or snowfall; stop lamps which are very helpful while making sure no one hits them from behind.

Toyota Yaris 2021 Exterior
Toyota Yaris 2023 Exterior

Before they have time to react themselves – plus wing mirrors that do their job perfectly every day! Indicators for the auto wipers are good because they clean your windows without using too much pressure on your hands. With them, you will get a feeling of control.

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Safety Rate 

This vehicle is equipped with safety features all around. There are front and rear passenger airbags to protect you in an accident or abrupt deceleration. The car has belts that go from the driver to the passenger. People won’t fly out of the car while it is going fast. The Toyota Yaris 2023 Price should not be very expensive.

Toyota Yaris 2023 Features 

It comes with a host of standard equipment that would make any driver proud, such as an innovative entry system and Smart Start System; intermittent wipers for increased efficiency in dry weather conditions; auto air conditioning/ climate control unit (with fan speed option), fabric seats – perfect for keeping you cool on warm days! Did we mention it has a 60:40 collapsible rear seat arrangement?

AddFab audio system too, or if all else fails, there are Toyota telematics systems which include Audio & navigation plus vehicle stability control including traction control and anti-lock brakes (ABS). If these aren’t enough safety measures, add hill start assist control alongside the previously mentioned features.

  • Infotainment system
  • Immobilizer
  • heated mirrors
  • 1.5L 4-cylinder engine
  • 4-speed automatic Transmission
  • Central Locking
  • Front Fog lights
  • Steering Adjustment
  • USB & MP3 Connectivity
  • Four Power Outlets for Front
  • Automated Air Conditioning System
  • Chrome Finished Agronomical AC Knobs
  • Power Doors Locks
  • Keyless entry
  • Fuel Consumption Meter and Warning
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

Toyota Yaris 2023 Specifications

The Toyota Yaris 2023 is equipped with the following specifications: it has a four-cylinder, 1496 cc engine; five-speed manual transmission so you can shift quickly and efficiently when needed. This car’s horsepower is 91HP @ 6000 RPMs while torque measures 108Nm @ 4000RPMs. Which works out to be excellent fuel economy. This car has a curb weight of about 920 kg’s so it is pretty light on its feet, making for excellent acceleration.

External dimensionsStandard
Suspension frontStandard
Suspension rearStandard
– Length (mm)4300
– Width (mm)1690
– Height (mm)1460
– Wheelbase (mm)2550
– Kerb weight (kg)1045
– Gross vehicle mass (kg)1500
– Tare weight (kg)1020
Fuel tank mainStandard
– Capacity (L)42
– Fuel type
– Engine typePetrol
– Engine code1NZ-FE
Displacement (cc)1000, 1300
– Engine descriptionFour cylinders, in-line, chain-driven DOHC, Variable valve timing, four valves per cylinder, aluminum block, and cross-flow head.
– Number of cylinders4
– ConfigurationIn-line
– Head compositionLight alloy
– Variable valve timingStandard
– Variable valve timing typeVVT-i
– Valve gear typeDOHC
– Number of valves per cylinder4
Disc brakesStandard
– Number of disc brakes2
– Number of ventilated disc brakes2
– Front brake rotor size (mm)258×22
– Suspension descriptionIndependent, MacPherson struts, lower L-arms, hydraulic dampers and offset coil springs, and front anti-roll bar.
– Suspension typeStrut
– Suspension descriptionTrailing torsion beam, coil springs/hydraulic damper units.
– Suspension typeTorsion beam

Where Toyota Yaris 2023 is available for sale in Pakistan?

The new automatic Toyota Yaris 2023 and his acessories are available for sale at all significant dealerships in Islamabad, Pakistan. I hope you have enjoy Toyota Yaris 2023 Price in Pakistan.

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