The Most Exciting Women’s Sports Tournaments

Sports is no longer confined to men. The time has changed, and so has the thinking. Women are breaking the barriers and making their mark in sports, too. Their endless dedication and devotion have helped them to evolve their skills greatly and compete with the giants in the sports industry.

On the other hand, it is interesting to see how the sports industry has widened and welcomed women athletes with a warm welcome, along with providing eminent tournaments for them to showcase their skills. 

These tournaments are an excellent platform for women to prove their mettle in front of the whole world. Once again, it proves they are equally talented and deserve recognition as their male companion in sports. 

While paving the way for the future generation to make a lasting impression in the realm of sports and rewrite the narrative of women excelling in it.

 Thus, many prominent sports channels like Optus Sports are acknowledging the skills of women in sports. Hence providing the exclusive and seamless broadcast of women’s tournaments to the audience. 

And to continue appreciating the women in the industry, Optus Sports outside Australia is accessible to cheer the ladies in the field. Therefore, without further ado, let us find out the major Women’s Sports Tournament you can enjoy. 

FIFA Women’s World Cup

The love and craze of Football have not taken the guys by storm, but it has also plagued the women. Now we can safely say that Football is the universally played and the most favorite game among all. 

The wonderful FIFA organization usually did the right thing again by offering the FIFA Women’s World Cup to the ingenuously talented ladies. FIFA Women’s World Cup is the ideal of women’s soccer. It brings talented teams from all around the world to win the title and the glorious cup. 

The women players equally bring the electrifying matches on the ground and make it a nail-biting match and a must to witness. The amount of women’s talent in this game has proved that they are not behind anyone. 

The eminent players like Alex Morgan, An American Striker, are a perfect example of it. Also, the name of Marta Vieira da Silva is among the prominent players. She is a Brazillian-Swedish proficient player who plays as a forward for Orlando. 

Plus, the talented Spanish footballer Alexia Putellas Segura. She plays as a mid-fielder for Liga F Club.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup

Cricket is the game that has a chokehold on the heart of every young and old sports enthusiast. Once it was considered that this manly game was just suitable for a particular gender as it requires immense strength and explosive batting and bowling.

But the women’s teams have changed the mindset. Now, fans from all over the world eagerly wait for the ever-exciting format of the cricket game to happen, which will feature the extraordinary skills of the young talent. Their roust batting and ability to hit sixes. And the crafty bowling. 

Moreover, the strategy and presence of mind while fielding. The women’s T20 World Cup is brimming with talent. The finest players like Mithali Raj are one of the greatest cricketers of all time. Elleyse Perry is a multi-talented  Australian player who is an expert in cricket and soccer. 

Sana Mir from Pakistan and Sarah Taylor from England are also one of the notable players in the Cricket World. 

WTA Finals

Tennis is a widely played and favored game. Whether you are a tennis player or an athlete yourself, this game is sure to hook the audience to the court. The WTA is a prestigious tennis tournament.  This wonderful tournament brings together the top eight women single players. 

Also, they include double teams in the world. This is the culmination of the WTA tour season. The tournament features nail-biting matches and tough competitions. 

Furthermore, the stellar performances of the skilled players do not let us think, even briefly, that they are any less than men in tennis. The WTA Finals is an exciting tournament that has captured the hearts of tennis fans globally.

One of the most prominent players in this sport is Madison Keys from the USA. Petra Kvitova from the Czech Republic. Qinwen Zheng from China. These elite players have proved that women have conquered this game with their skills. 

WNBA Finals 

The incredible women are not stopping! They have showcased their impeccable skills even on the basketball court. And the cherry on top is you can witness the intense display of passion and skills along with athleticism like men.

The Women’s National Basketball Association Finals is the peak of perfection in professional basketball in the USA. This tournament seamlessly delivers the thrill and excitement along with the sheer dedication from players all around the world. 

This tournament was first established in 1996. Since then, it has successfully featured the shining stars in the Basketball sports. 

The key player who outshined the other players globally is A’Ja Wilson from Las Vegas.  Brenna Stewart from New York is another rising star. Napheesa Collier From Minnesota has also made her mark in the game. 

Women’s Rugby World Cup

Rugby is a game known for its intense, physically demanding, and nerve-wracking game. Which was thought could be only done by men. But the Women’s Rugby World Cup proved everyone wrong. Plus, it showcases the enormously talented athletes who are skilled in tackling powerful counterattacks. 

Also, the players display jaw-dropping athleticism in this tournament is simply incredible. Perhaps it is not wrong to say that Women in Rugby have proved that they have nerves of steel and can play any game. 

The highlighted players in Rugby are Silvia Turani, Amy Cokayne, and Abbie Ward. 

Wrapping Up

Lastly, these amazing tournaments are full of action and portray the true essence, power, and skills of women in Sports. So, grab some snacks, tune in to your favorite tournament, and have a great time. 

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