Zotye Z100 2022 Price in Pakistan, Features & Specs

Zotye Z100 2022 Price in Pakistan is available here. China is known for making some of the best cars in addition to/copies of top-range models like 7th stage Suzuki part under Mehran’s range. But Zotye Z100 might be one exception. This car has its own identity and power, which makes it stand out from other vehicles. This car is unique because they’re made by a country that is not the US, and some of the vehicles have features that we don’t know about yet. These cars will produce 68 horsepower, or enough to go fast. At the same time, combined fuel efficiency reaches 23kms per liter with CO2 levels at 120g km!

The Zotye Z100 is a small car that, with its 1000cc engine, offers the most incredible power and mileage. It’s powered by a two inside the city while out in long roots. It’s a tiny, fixed agreement that offers everyone options. The Zotye Z100 automobile price in Pakistan may be found by following the instructions on this page. In addition, you’ll find information about how to do it and middle sections, as well as space/exterior details, from the below article.

Zotye Z100 Car 2022 Price in Pakistan

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of this automobile is 1,520,000 PKR, and the firm has launched it. This vehicle is registered with HRL engines Company, a Zotye z100 importer in Pakistan. They are also importing let free parts of this Zotye as part of the checks to ensure that everything is done correctly. The best one is a 13-inch steel alloy with three edges, which results in the most torque. Its smaller size and most excellent turning straight line from the middle to edge make it ideal for full-vehicle use on rush-over roads in Pakistan.

Zotye Z100 2022 Interior

Zotye Z100 2022 Interior
Zotye Z100 2022 Interior

The interior of the Zotye Z100 car has been designed very carefully and is quite attractive. Moreover, it has a lot of things to offer for those looking out for such a car. For example, there is a navigation system, air conditioning, audio system, and parking sensors commonly present in luxury cars.

Zotye Z100 2022 Exterior 

Zotye Z100 is designed fascinating, which has a solid headlight to attract all eyes. Even it has dust lights, the space between headlights and netting color is different from other brands. This vehicle’s front bumper has headlights positioned on the sharp edge on the right and left sides of the cover edge, with a trapezium four air inlet.

Zotye Z100 2022 Exterior
Zotye Z100 2022 Exterior

The top of the range is made of clear white transparent glass, and the Zotyes headlights and netting glass are black below a ship’s mast. The alloy three edges are similar but different from each other.

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Zotye Z100 Features

The Zotye Z100 has a variety of features that are sure to make your car ride more enjoyable. It’s got an air conditioner, CD player, and defogger which will keep you cool on those hot days; it’s also equipped with a remote boot/fuel-lid so if anything happens while driving Mom won’t have to worry because this phone can take care of both its driver as well any passengers! This vehicle comes standard with cup holders, but there is plenty inside, too, including AM/FM radio for entertainment purposes.

Zotye Z100 Specifications

The following are the vehicle’s technical specifications:898 kg (1,900 lb)17 – 18 km/liter4 doors4 persons can be seated behind the wheel. The overall height is 1473 mm, with a width of 1630 mm. five people may fit in the car.

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