Best Cricket Streaming channels for Pakistani audience.

Cricket has become more than just a sport in Pakistan. Cricket is a part of our culture, way of life and tradition.

Tens of millions of Pakistanis are crazy about cricket. They spend hours following the live scores and watching cricket matches on TV channels. We at TechJuice are no different, we love cricket too.

In fact, TechJuice is the biggest online platform for technology news and resources in Pakistan, so it’s only natural that we’d have our own section dedicated to everything cricket.

Below, you’ll find our picks for the best streaming sites, which offer live video streaming of various international cricket tournaments.

List Of best Cricket Streaming Channels

The best channels to watch live cricket action in Pakistan are Geo Super, Ten Sports, PTV Global and Star Cricket.

The first channel is Geo Super, which is a 24-hour Pakistani sports and entertainment channel. The second channel is Ten Sports, which is a cable and satellite sports channel owned by Walt Disney (Direct-To-Home) Asia. Ten Sports became the official broadcaster of the Pakistan Cricket Board in 2005.

THe third channel is PTV Sports, which is an international sports network owned by Pakistan Television Corporation. Beside these three channels several other TV networks like Waqt News and Ary Digital broadcast cricket live in Pakistan.

Apart from these channels you can also watch cricket matches online on Youtube, Dailymotion etc. but they don’t provide you any HD picture quality.


With the advent of technology, watching live cricket is not a problem anymore. In fact, it has never been a bigger time for sports streaming services.

Tens of millions of people have come together to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and the response from fans has been tremendous.

TV channels, who are broadcasting live matches on their respective channels are experiencing a rise in their ratings as well as in their revenues.

However, there are many people who do not want to go through the hassle of subscribing to cable TV or going to a local bar where they can watch the game live.