Explore 5 best AI-powered paraphrasing Tools In 2024

The growth of AI-powered paraphrasing tools is nothing short of phenomenal. It is making waves in content creation due to its promises of delivering high-quality content quickly.

As a content writer, using AI-powered online paraphrasing tools is pretty exciting. Why?

The reason is simple. Compared to manual paraphrasing, I can rephrase large chunks of text in seconds, saving time and effort. It speeds up the time for writing the blog by about 2-3X. 

In this review, I bring you an exploration of the top five AI-powered paraphrasing tools. 

These tools are reshaping the future of content creation, making it more efficient, creative, and innovative than ever before.

The 5 Best AI Paraphrasing Tools in 2024

AI Paraphrasing tools have revolutionized content creation, providing valuable resources for writers, students, and professionals in 2024.

Among a myriad of options, here are the five best AI paraphrasing tools I have particularly enjoyed myself:

  1. Paraphrasingtool.ai 
  2. Wordtune 
  3. Aiarticlespinner. co 
  4. Spinbot 
  5. RewriteGuru


Paraphrasingtool.ai uses artificial intelligence technology to rewrite your text and does the job well. 

It offers many features that are rare to find in any rephrasing tool at this price. For example, besides the basic paraphrasing features, it has a text summarizer and an AI-powered Editor to polish the paraphrased text. 

Diving into the specifics of its rewriting capabilities, this online paraphrasing tool boasts eight paraphrasing modes:

Free Rewriter: Allows basic paraphrasing of up to 20,000 characters.

Text Improver: Simplifies writing style and corrects sentence structure.

Near Human: Provides human-level content rewriting.

Plagiarism Remover: Removes the plagiarism from the text making it original and unique. 

Creative: Infuses fresh ideas into your content, inspiring unique writing.

Academic: Perfect for refining academic writing for research purposes.

Quill Text: Delivers clear and concise language to streamline your writing.

Sentence Rephraser: Reframes each sentence for diversity and clarity.

The first three modes are available in a free plan. To access all of them, you would have to get the premium. 

Key Features of Paraphrasingtool.ai

Not only does Paraphrasingtool.ai offer contextual rephrasing, but it also comes with additional features such as:

  • Builtin thesaurus: You can see their definitions and synonyms by double-clicking on unfamiliar words. 
  • Audio and image-to-text input: A unique feature is uploading an audio file or an image and paraphrasing text.
  • Built-in research panel: A built-in Research Panel feature allows you to search and insert text into the editor for paraphrasing.
  • Built-in Editor: A built-in editor ensures you edit your paraphrased text further. 
  • Sentence rephrasing: Click on any rephrased sentence to view more paraphrasing options and select the one that fits best.
  • Text summarizer: An in-built summarizer to help condense your text efficiently.
  • Login: You can use the tool without any login. 
  • Add-ons: Compatible add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and MS Word are available for convenient paraphrasing.
  • Character limit: All modes allow the paraphrasing of 20,000 characters per spin.


Monthly Yearly 
$7 per month $5 per month, Billed $60 annually


Wordtune has become one of my favorite tools for paraphrasing, the use of this tool is pretty simple. Simply input your text into the designated box on their website, and it will generate a unique version with improved sentence structures, often enhancing the original text.

Here are the rephrased options I got when paraphrasing a paragraph of this blog. I like Wordtune due to its simple and no-hassle interface. There are no options that can confuse the users. 

In terms of the specific writing modes, Wordtune offers

Rewriting Suggestions: It can rephrase your content in new words, providing a fresh perspective.

Casual Tone: Wordtune can give your sentences a more informal feel.

Formal Tone: The tool can translate your sentences into a more professional tone.

Shorten it: If needed, Wordtune can make your content more concise.

Expand it: It can also lengthen your content, adding more detail.

Wordtune Key features 

  • Grammar checker: The tool offers grammatically correct paraphrase options. Therefore, there is no need for a separate grammar checker. 
  • Add-ons: You can use Wordtune right from your desktop, or you can download the Google Chrome extension for easy use with Google Docs, Gmail, and other online editing tools.
  • No need to log in: It allows users to avail of its services for free, without creating accounts.


Free with10 rewrites per day Premium with
Unlimited rewrites
$0$9.99 / month


Aiarticlespinner.co has swiftly become a preferred choice of the writer to paraphrase the text. The reason is its user-friendly interface and effective results. 

When I used this tool, I found it pretty up par with other leading rewriting tools. Just like parapharsingtool.ai, it also offers paraphrasing modes to customize the text’s tone and other features listed below. 

First, talk about the writing modes.  With six distinct options, Aiarticlespinner.co has got you covered. 

Standard: The default mode for general content paraphrasing.

Formal: Best suited for professional or academic writing.

Sentence Rephraser: Works on the sentence level to provide unique interpretations.

Human: Delivers human-level paraphrasing for more nuanced content.

AI Robot: Leverages artificial intelligence for innovative content restructuring.

Plagiarism Remover: A specialized mode to ensure originality and remove any duplicated content.

Aiarticlespinner.co Key features 

Beyond context-aware rewriting, Aiarticlespinner.co brings to the table numerous key features:

  • Multilingual: Supports over 40 languages, facilitating international content creation.
  • Login: It provides a range of services free of charge, with no need for account creation.
  • Extensions: Like the tools mentioned above, Aiarticlespinner.co also offers a free Chrome extension. 
  • Character limit: You can check up to 10,000 words in the premium and 5000 in the free plan.


Monthly Yearly 
$10/ month $69/year


SpinBot is another AI-powered rephrasing tool to help writers generate unique and easy-to-read content. The tool is free of charge, making it a favourite among students, writers, tutors, and content creators for its speedy results.

Spinbot provides three distinct paraphrasing modes to suit your needs:

Standard Mode: Spinbot’s default mode replaces select words in your text with the most contextually similar alternatives.

Random Mode: This mode improves the fluency of your content, rectifying any grammatical errors while changing the word usage.

Longest Mode: This mode results in the most extensive modifications, rewording your text with a wide range of creative vocabulary.

Spinbot Key Features

Spinbot comes loaded with features that leverage advanced natural language processing (NLP) and AI technology:

  • Simplified Sentences: The NLP component helps in simplifying complex sentences for easier comprehension by readers.
  • Instant Rewrites: The tool can swiftly rewrite up to 10,000 characters or 1,000 words at a time.
  • Plagiarism Removal: Spinbot’s AI software ensures the removal of any plagiarism, providing you with unique content.
  • Character limit: You can check up to 10k words for free.




RewriteGuru has become a popular choice of writers, with 5 Million users in 200 Countries. This online paraphrasing tool will allow you to get your hands on plagiarism-free text without hassle.  

The developers claim it is the best online rephrasing tool, and somewhat rightly so. It generates 100% unique content that is free from grammatical errors.

It gives you the definition of the word by clicking on it. You can get more synonyms of any word in the paraphrased text and the premium plan. 

RewriteGuru provides five distinct rewriting modes:

AI Rephraser: This mode provides human-level rephrasing, intelligently changing the sentence structure while maintaining the readability and context of the text.

Sentence Rephraser: This mode allows you to select any sentence from your text, providing multiple rewording options to select the best fit.

Smart Replace: In this mode, 70-75% of words are replaced with suitable synonyms, with a list of possible synonyms provided for each word. The user can manually alter any word if needed.

Ultra Replace: This mode functions similarly to Smart Replace but swaps a higher percentage of words – approximately 90%.

Replace Manually: In this mode, no words are replaced automatically. Instead, the tool provides synonyms for each word, allowing the user to make changes manually.

RewriteGuru Key Features

Choice of Mode and Language: You can select the paraphrasing mode and language according to your preference.

Semantic Rephrasing: The tool modifies sentences with suitable word replacements while keeping the actual meaning intact, facilitating the creation of new and unique text.

Character limit: You can check up to 30k words in the premium and 800 words in the free plan.


Monthly Quarterly Yearly 

Wrap Up!

AI-powered paraphrasing tools have become invaluable in academic and professional writing. They not only provide a convenient and time-efficient way of rephrasing text but also help enhance the overall quality of content by providing a variety of paraphrasing modes, grammar corrections, and style adjustments.

In terms of comparison, ParaphrasingTool.AI provides a wealth of writing modes tailored to specific writing scenarios like academic, creative, or formal writing. Its additional features, like the built-in thesaurus, learning while paraphrasing, and compatibility with various file formats, further enhance its utility.

While each tool has strengths, the choice depends on your requirements. If simplicity and efficiency of results are a concern, Wordtune might be the best fit for limited paraphrasing. 

If you need a tool focused on academic writing, ParaphrasingTool.AI is a great choice. RewriteGuru could be the best option for multi-lingual support, and for a completely free tool with robust features, SpinBot would be ideal.

Remember, these tools are meant to augment your writing process, not to replace your unique perspective and voice. They can be used responsibly to refine your writing skills and produce high-quality, plagiarism-free content.

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