7 Ways AI Solver Can Help With College Assignments

Here are 7 methods AI can assist college students with their assignments:

Study aids

Here are some AI-based solvers that can significantly aid in studying:

  1. AI Tutoring Systems: Solvers like TutorEva use AI to provide personalized tutoring, adapting to each student’s learning style and pace.
  2. Language Learning Apps: Apps like Duolingo use AI to offer personalized language learning experiences, adapting to the user’s proficiency level and learning style.
  3. Flashcard Tools: AI-driven flashcard apps, such as Quizlet, use spaced repetition algorithms to help students memorize and retain information more effectively.
  4. Writing and Grammar Tools: AI solvers like Grammarly and ProWritingAid help improve writing skills by offering grammar, punctuation, style, and vocabulary suggestions.
  5. Homework Help: Platforms like Brainly or TutorEva use AI to provide solutions and explanations for a wide range of subjects, helping students understand complex problems.
  6. Research Assistance: AI-powered solvers can help in summarizing research papers, generating citations, and even suggesting relevant sources for a research topic.
  7. Mind Mapping Software: AI-driven mind mapping solvers assist in organizing thoughts, notes, and research, making it easier to plan essays and projects.
  8. Study Planners: AI-based study planners and time management apps can create personalized study schedules based on the student’s goals and learning habits.
  9. Interactive Learning Platforms: Platforms like TutorEva use AI to suggest courses tailored to the student’s interests and previous learning patterns.
  10. AI-Based Test Preparation: Solvers like TutorEva use AI to customize test preparation plans, focusing on areas where the student needs the most practice.

These AI study aids can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of learning by providing personalized and adaptive support.

Creating Ideas

Unsure about what to write? Ask AI for help in coming up with ideas. If you need to write an essay but can’t decide on a topic, AI can suggest some. It’s fine to ask AI for help in creating a focused thesis, just like getting help from a friend or teacher. Remember to include the assignment instructions when you ask AI, so you get ideas that fit your assignment. 

Outlines & Research Recommendations

Understanding how to create an outline gives your work a good structure. If you’re unsure about organizing your sections, ask AI for help. You might need to tell AI everything you want to include, which could be a lot, but AI can arrange your points in a clear and logical order. This method is good for outlines for both research papers and essays.

Another useful way to find sources is to get AI to suggest them. Ask AI to recommend the best, most accurate, or most talked-about works on your topic. AI can search through lots of online material and give you a list of the top sources.   


AI can help you avoid cheating by assisting with paraphrasing. Paraphrasing means rewriting someone else’s ideas in your own words. This is really important when using sources in your paper, so you don’t just fill your paper with direct quotes.

Paraphrasing can be tough, especially when the original author used the perfect words. You can ask AI for help, but use it for ideas instead of just copying what it says.   


An AI tool that has been around for a while can check your text for typos.  Using AI to make sure your writing has no errors is always smart. Small mistakes are easy to miss but can lower your grades. 


You can use AI for summaries in two ways. First, AI can summarize sources you’re thinking of using. If reading each source fully takes too much time, AI’s summaries can help you pick the best ones. Second, AI can outline the main points of a work for you. If you need to write about something in your own words, AI helps you find the key points and can even suggest the clearest way to say them. 

Create Citations

When writing academic papers, using formats and different style, it is essential for proper citations. Each of these styles has unique rules for how to cite sources, which can be tricky to remember and apply correctly. You can input minimal information about a source, and the AI can search online to fill in the rest of the details needed for a complete citation. However, after the AI provides a citation, it’s important to review and confirm its accuracy manually. This step ensures that your citations follow the specific guidelines of your chosen citation style, maintaining the academic integrity of your work. 

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