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Are you a fan of Areej Shah’s novels? Are you searching for a comprehensive list of all her works? Look no further! This article has compiled a complete list of Areej Shah’s novels, so you can easily find your next favorite book.

Who is Areej Shah?

Before diving into her work, let’s take a moment to introduce the author. Areej Shah is a Pakistani novelist who has gained immense popularity quickly. Her books are known for their compelling storylines, relatable characters, and romantic themes.

A Complete List of Areej Shah Novels

  1. Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan
  2. Wo Yaqeen Ka Aik Naya Safar
  3. Tere Bina
  4. Tujhse Lagay Jo Mann Piya
  5. Ishq Pagal Kar Deta Hai
  6. Mohabbat Khawab Safar
  7. Teri Zulf Kay Sar Hony Tak
  8. Tum Mere Pass Raho
  9. Khushi Kay Aansoo
  10. Mere Khwab Mere Jugnoo
  11. Wohi Khuda Hai
  12. Mohabbat Dil Kay Sehra Mein
  13. Tumhen Paane Ki Dua
  14. Humsafar
  15. Dhoop Ki Deewar

Areej Shah’s novels cover many genres, including romance, drama, and social issues. Her books have captured many readers’ hearts and become bestsellers in Pakistan and beyond.

Areej Shah’s Writing Style

Areej Shah’s writing style is unique and captivating. Her stories are character-driven, and she has a knack for creating relatable and memorable characters. Her books explore a range of human emotions and tackle important societal issues.

Why You Should Read Areej Shah’s Novels

If you have yet to read any of Areej Shah’s novels, we highly recommend that you do. Her books offer a refreshing take on love and relationships and are perfect for anyone who enjoys well-written and engaging stories.


In conclusion, Areej Shah is a talented Pakistani author who has made a mark in the literary world with her compelling and relatable stories. Our comprehensive list of her novels and our recommendation to read her work will help you discover the magic of Areej Shah’s writing.

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