Best Phone Under 25000 in Nepal

Step into the world of technology, where every touch brings you closer to innovation and convenience.

Imagine holding a powerful device in your hand, knowing you’ve found the perfect blend of performance and affordability.

But which phone stands out, offering you the best bang for your buck in Nepal’s competitive market?

Explore the options that cater to your needs and desires, guiding you towards a seamless decision that balances features and value.

Top Performer: Realme Narzo 30A

For the best phone under 25000 in Nepal, consider the top performer: Realme Narzo 30A. This device packs a punch with its MediaTek Helio G85 processor, ensuring smooth performance for all your tasks.

The impressive 6000mAh battery will keep you powered throughout the day, whether gaming, streaming, or working. The 6.5-inch display offers a vibrant visual experience for your content consumption.

Realme Narzo 30A’s dual-camera setup captures clear photos, and the nightscape mode enhances low-light photography. With a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for quick and secure access, this phone provides convenience and security in one package.

Camera King: Redmi Note 10

Consider the Redmi Note 10 as the reigning ‘Camera King’ in the smartphone market under 25000 in Nepal. With its impressive quad-camera setup, including a 48MP main sensor, 8MP ultra-wide lens, 2MP macro lens, and 2MP depth sensor, this device delivers stunning photography capabilities.

The Note 10 captures vivid and detailed images in various lighting conditions, preserving your memories beautifully. Its 13MP front camera also excels in selfies and video calls, providing sharp and clear results.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or love capturing everyday moments, the Redmi Note 10’s camera performance will impress you. Get ready to elevate your photography game with this camera powerhouse.

Battery Beast: Samsung Galaxy M12

Elevating from the camera prowess of the Redmi Note 10, the Samsung Galaxy M12 stands out as a battery powerhouse in the realm of smartphones priced under 25000 in Nepal. With its massive 6000mAh battery capacity, the Galaxy M12 ensures extended usage without frequent recharges, making it a reliable companion for daily tasks.

Whether you’re a heavy gamer, an avid social media user, or someone who needs a phone that lasts throughout the day, the Galaxy M12 has got you covered. This device offers the convenience of long-lasting battery life, reducing the need for constant charging and allowing you to stay connected without interruptions.

Say goodbye to battery anxiety and enjoy uninterrupted usage with the Samsung Galaxy M12.

Value Champion: Poco M3

Looking for a budget-friendly option with impressive features? Check out the Poco M3, a standout choice in Nepal’s under 25000 price range.

The Poco M3 boasts a large 6.53-inch FHD+ display, perfect for enjoying videos and games. Its massive 6000mAh battery ensures long-lasting usage without frequent recharges. The phone’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks.

With a stylish design and a textured back that minimizes fingerprints, the Poco M3 is practical and visually appealing. The device also features a triple camera setup, including a 48MP main sensor, for capturing detailed photos.

Feature Packed: Infinix Hot 10S

The Infinix Hot 10S packs many features that cater to diverse user needs. With its impressive 6.82-inch HD+ display, you can immerse yourself in vibrant visuals while streaming your favourite content or playing games.

The phone’s MediaTek Helio G85 processor ensures smooth performance, allowing you to multitask easily. Capture stunning photos with the 48MP AI triple camera setup, which includes a depth sensor and an AI lens for enhanced photography.

The 8MP front camera is perfect for capturing selfies with friends and family. The massive 6000mAh battery also ensures long-lasting usage without constantly worrying about recharging.

The Hot 10S is a feature-packed smartphone that offers great value for its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Phones Be Used With Any Mobile Carrier in Nepal?

Yes, these phones can be used with any mobile carrier in Nepal. They’re unlocked, allowing you to choose your preferred network provider.

Ensure compatibility with the carrier’s frequency bands for optimal performance.

Do These Phones Come With a Warranty in Nepal?

Yes, these phones usually come with a warranty in Nepal.

It’s important to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty for each phone to ensure you understand what’s covered.

Are These Phones Compatible With 5G Networks in Nepal?

Yes, these phones are compatible with 5G networks in Nepal.

You can enjoy faster internet speeds and improved connectivity.

Check the specific model’s compatibility with the 5G bands in use in Nepal.

Can These Phones Be Easily Repaired or Serviced in Nepal?

If you face issues with your phone in Nepal, most models under 25000 can be easily repaired or serviced.

Local service centres and third-party repair shops offer efficient solutions, ensuring your device stays functional.

Do These Phones Come With Any Pre-Installed Apps or Bloatware in Nepal?

Yes, these phones come with pre-installed apps or bloatware in Nepal. However, you can easily remove or disable them based on your preference.

It’s recommended to check the app list before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.


So there you have it, the best phones under 25000 in Nepal. Whether you’re looking for top performance, a great camera, long battery life, excellent value, or a feature-packed device, there’s something for everyone in this price range.

Consider your priorities and preferences, and choose the phone that best suits your needs.

Happy shopping!

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