The Holly Sniper 2 EFI Self-Tuning Conversion Kit

The Holly Sniper EFI is a popular conversion kit for auto enthusiasts. The Sniper 2 takes all the benefits of Sniper 1 and ups the ante. The newer model has several upgrades and features that many customers wished for and some that came as a surprise. Regardless, the new and improved Sniper conversion kit is a welcome addition to the Holly line of products.

Holly’s Updated Features

While there are many benefits to any EFI conversion kit, like the SBC EFI Intake kit, the Holly Sniper seems to take the benefits to a new level with the latest version of the kit. The Sniper 2 updated features improve functionality and ease of installation.

The first improvement of the kit is its minimal wiring connections. The Sniper 2 only has four wiring connections: battery +, battery -, switched ignition, and RPM. The reduced wiring requirements make the kit much easier to install.

Also, the Sniper 2 is an excellent choice for high-performance applications. The conversion kit supports naturally aspirated engines up to 650hp or boosted engines of 575hp with four 100lb/hr injectors.

The Sniper 2 also includes a calibration wizard that helps installers create a base map for self-tuning. All you need to do is answer a few questions. Also, you don’t need a laptop.

The conversion kit also allows for single-stage progressive and non-progressive nitrous control strategies. It provides advanced boost control and programmable target air/fuel ratios per boost level.

Finally, the kit comes with a full-color, high-resolution touchscreen. The display makes it easier to set up, tune, and gauge displays to monitor your engine.

Holly’s Optional Upgrades

While a Cam and Lifter Kit usually comes with everything you need or could want, the Sniper 2 kit does not come standard with everything. You can buy add-ons to make the kit more custom, which some people like and some find frustrating. For example, you can purchase a new fuel regulator for the Sniper 2 that is more precise and consistent than the previous or included regulator.

Purchasing upgrades can make the Sniper 2 more valuable, but they are not necessary to secure the standard benefits of the system. Still, because of the option, it is understandable why people may feel annoyed that the upgrade is sold separately from the standard kit. Still, there is some logic to the strategy beyond profit. Manufacturers may sell separate upgrades to reduce manufacturing costs and keep the price of the primary product down.

The Holly Sniper 2 EFI conversion kit is an excellent value, and it offers many advantages as it is without additional purchases. People who may benefit from additional upgrades are those who participate in racing or other high-performance activities.

If you are curious about the Sniper 2 and its upgraded features, call a local auto parts dealer to discuss the conversion kit. If you purchase the kit, you should contact a mechanic to install it and ensure it works properly. Even if you want to install the kit yourself, talking to a mechanic to learn a few pointers is best.

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