6 Tips to Score Good in PTE Exams

If you focus your efforts and use smart thinking, getting 80 or more on the PTE exam is easy. It is not asserted that you must be fluent in English for the PTE online mock test with the score. Your dedication to our objective, as well as your hard work and desire, are really important. Learning from your mistakes and comprehending each lesson is advisable to accomplish this. You can pass your PTE exam with 80 or more points if you use the provided PTE Course, based on our experience in this subject.

Start with a practice exam

Nobody wants to have to attend tests regularly. To learn from mistakes and gain experience with the PTE exam, one could start by taking practice exams. Mock exams are the best tests to use for trial and error. By using mock exams, one may see where they are doing well and where they need to improve.

Speaking Section PTE

The speaking portion is the most difficult for non-native English speakers since it requires quick thinking and immediate responses. However, if you have done your homework and spent valuable time practicing, there is no reason to panic. There is no need to stress about managing your time because the questions in this part will have a timer. Tips for succeeding in this section:

  • Maintain a loud, even tone while still being audible, and keep your voice clear. Try to keep your sentence spacing as tight as possible.
  • Avoid speaking too quickly, and wait after commas or full stops when necessary.
  • If you don’t know the answer, don’t let the stress of pressing the panic button ruin your performance.
  • Be bold and practice pronouncing words, especially those with similar sounds or those that you find challenging.
  • Use your erasable notepad to its fullest extent to answer the lecture question and describe the image question. The advice is to write vertically to ensure you keep the flow.

Writing Advice For Those With A 90

The next stage is to succeed in the PTE writing section. You must put your grammar and typing speed into practice. How do you go about that?

  • Retake practice exams or online projects to sharpen your grammar.
  • Cover your writing portion in a well-organized format.
  • To avoid losing marks, keep in mind the word count restriction. Each essay must not exceed 250–300 words, and the question summary must not exceed 5–75 comments. Ensure keeping these numbers in mind.

Reading Tips for PTE

PTE course fee is affordable, and PRACTISE is the key to achieving success in the PTE reading section. It takes 32 to 41 minutes to finish the reading portion. Once more, the idea of time management is extremely important. Therefore, the following information should be considered when undertaking your reading section:

  • Negative marking applies to some questions, so take your time and carefully consider your response to ensure you receive your valued marks. This portion of the test is fairly difficult.
  • When tackling this test, your vocabulary and grammar abilities are important; therefore, practice these areas before the exam.
  • Certain words may be unfamiliar to you; in that case, use your thought process, sentence-by-sentence reading, and comprehension of the passage’s flow to make an educated guess about what those words imply. It might be beneficial.
  • Resist the tendency to spend too much time on one issue—the time allotted for comprehension and response to the questions.

How Should I Approach the PTE Listening Section?

A total of 45 to 57 minutes are allotted for this PTE part. You must use this time efficiently to respond to all the different inquiries. Be careful to read all of the PTE advice before taking the test.

  • Focus solely and entirely on the audio that is playing via your headphones. Both the back and replay buttons are absent. There will be only one audio playback. So keep your attention sharp.
  • Students who want to achieve a remarkable level of attention and focus in their work are advised to practice meditation.
  • One can easily achieve 80 or more marks in the listening section because it is the most high-scoring of all the sections.
  • Make full use of the erasable note board booklet that will be provided to each candidate.

Additional PTE Advice To Reduce Stress On Test Day

  • Before the PTE online mock test with a score, get a good night’s sleep and finish all of your studying before dinner. Give your mind and body some rest, and prepare for the exam the next morning with a refreshed mind.
  • Always be conscious of your strengths and emphasize them more than your weaknesses.
  • Walk in for the test with proper clarity of the exam format, sections of the exam, and the time it takes to complete each section.
  • Stick this one in your head to clear your doubts regarding the microphone’s working. It’s a common complaint that most of us have heard from the candidates appearing for the PTE exam that the microphone couldn’t record their voice accurately. Challenging microphones working after the completion of the test is next to impossible. So, raise your voice spontaneously.
  • The next quick PTE tip is time management. Orderly management of time in each section can help you crack your PTE exam with the desired score. Divide your time, and abide by it without taking any stress bust.
  • Be respectful to other candidates by not shouting at the top of your lungs while giving your speaking test. But you can’t be careless at the same time. The advice is to practice finding a balance between the two.
  • Avoid screaming at the top of your lungs when giving your speaking test out of consideration for the other candidates. But you can’t be careless at the same time.

Get The Best PTE Exam Guidance at Englishwise

These six suggestions offer a strong basis for getting high marks on the PTE exams. Following these recommendations can greatly improve your performance, from time management strategies and exam format familiarisation to language improvement and test-taking practice. Test takers can confidently approach the PTE tests and improve their chances of success by being committed and consistent.

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