SwifDoo PDF Editor: Best Ever Review 2024

In so many ways, it is difficult to say which is predominant or crucial.

SwifDoo PDF Editor – as a universal PDF program – should be viewed more like a well-equipped kitchen with a pantry where we can conjure up whatever we want. How much we get out of PDF files depends only on us, our knowledge of the tools, and our creativity. Besides, it seems to me that anyone who tries to get a little more out of their computer prefers tools that they can easily adapt to themselves and their needs. SwifDoo PDF is largely such a tool for your specific PDF needs.

I will try to list some of the highlighted features, although it may be difficult to imagine it dryly, without a demonstration on an example. Certainly, a separate post could be written about each feature of this program on the list below.

View PDF Files with SwifDoo PDF Editor

What is the difference between a binder and laboriously placed documents? Date of receipt from its electronic counterpart. Well, there is only one binder (how to make a backup?), it is heavy, it is difficult to duplicate it, you cannot search it by words or add bookmarks or hyperlinks to any places, and you cannot conveniently view it on a tablet or phone. All this can be done with a PDF file. 

What’s great is the ability to precisely set how the document should be presented and displayed after opening – whether the tab panel should be visible or maybe on a specific page. 

And in this case, SwifDoo PDF is a great PDF reader for viewing a PDF file. 

Universal Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

Suppose we often work with larger numbers of PDF documents. In that case, the ability to easily create your bookmarks to any place in the document and hyperlinks to other external documents (and even to a specific place in the document, although it can also be a website) allows you to navigate through the contents maze. Features that make my favorite idea come true, all at the click of a button. Invaluable, for example, at a trial, when you need to sort out documents scattered over many volumes of files quickly. 

Thanks to these functions, I stopped carrying bulky volumes to court – which was pointless in some cases. There is such a critical amount of paper documents that once a certain limit is crossed, it effectively makes it impossible to find anything quickly. Hyperlinks and bookmarks solve this problem.

Advanced Annotate Options

We often work in a group, and many people use one document. Extensive selection options (underline, circle, draw), as well as commenting and replying to comments, take group work to a completely different level. 

But when we work alone with a PDF document, we often mark something, make notes, cross it out, and color it – SwifDoo PDF makes all this possible.

Merge and Split PDF Files 

Another feature that makes SwifDoo great is the ability to combine any number of files in any order very easily. If necessary, SwifDoo PDF will automatically create bookmarks based on the names of the linked files. It’s just as easy to separate single pages or entire ranges. Of course, you can combine everything in PDF format: scans, text files (e.g., export from Word), photos, drawings, whatever your heart desires. 

And even convert a PDF file into a paper binder with one click. Let there be no doubt – we are not talking about some magical, exorbitantly expensive ERP system for office management.

Built-in OCR and Advanced Search 

SwifDoo PDF has a built-in OCR facility – converting an image into text. No need to purchase separate software. It is very useful to be able to search by words for a lengthy letter from a legal opponent, which we only received as paper. Or an entire catalog of individual documents.


It works exactly as it is called. Stamps the document with stamps. There is a set of ready-made stamps, you also can create a set of your owns.

Headers and Footers

We often set headers and footers in Word; it works roughly the same here but on a PDF file. A great thing, not only when you need to number pages but also when you need to describe documents or add some annotations. And you may use it more often than you might expect.

Convert to Word or Excel

How many times do you need to make changes to the contract, and the client only received a PDF file? Of course, you can politely ask for an editable version and wait. You can also convert a PDF yourself in the blink of an eye and continue working.

Comparing Documents

The name says it all. It works similarly to comparing documents, e.g. in Word – only sometimes you need to carefully compare the content in the PDF file with SwifDoo PDF.

Electronic Signatures

Very useful tools for signing an electronic document – if you do not print, e.g., the contract yourselves, the electronic signature indicates which version is the final one.


SwifDoo PDF may successfully compete with Adobe Acrobat. You will find similar functions in it, such as viewing, editing, signing, and sharing files with other users. You can collaborate on a single document through comments while also providing feedback and using other annotation tools. 

Similarly to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you will display your PDF files on a computer flexibly. All other functions, such as creating documents, combining them, and editing, are already offered in the single PDF program.

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