Gunsmith Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov

In the unforgiving world of Escape From Tarkov, mastery of firearms is not optional but essential for survival. One of the crucial early-game quests that will hone your gunsmithing skills is ‚ÄúGunsmith Part 1.‚ÄĚ This guide will walk you through the intricacies of this quest, providing you with the knowledge and insights needed to tackle it successfully.

Understanding the Quest

‚ÄúGunsmith Part 1‚ÄĚ is the first in a series of quests offered by Mechanic, one of the traders in Escape From Tarkov. The primary objective of this quest is to modify an AKS-74U to meet certain specifications. The quest introduces players to the complex world of weapon modification, a skill that will prove invaluable as the game progresses.

Required Modifications

For this quest, you will need to make several modifications to your AKS-74U. The key modifications include:

Mounting a B-18 Mount

The first step is to install a B-18 mount onto your AKS-74U. This mount allows you to attach various scopes and sights to improve accuracy and target acquisition. It’s essential for enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Adding a 60-round 6L31 magazine for 5.45√ó39

This magazine upgrade significantly increases your magazine capacity, allowing you to fire more rounds without reloading. In the challenging firefights of Tarkov, this can be a game-changer.

Installing a Zenit RK-3 pistol grip

Upgrading your pistol grip with the Zenit RK-3 enhances your weapon’s ergonomics and reduces recoil, making it easier to control in intense combat situations.

Finding the Required Items

Now that you know what modifications are required, you’ll need to source these items, which can sometimes be challenging in Tarkov’s brutal world. Here are some tips on where to find them:

  • B-18 Mount: You can find the B-18 Mount in weapon crates, on Scavs, or by looting other players. The interchange map is a good place to search for this item.
  • 60-round 6L31 Magazine: Look for this magazine in various locations, including weapon crates, Scav pockets, and inside jackets. It‚Äôs relatively common and can be found on most maps.
  • Zenit RK-3 pistol grip: This item can be trickier to find. Check weapon crates and Scav backpacks on maps like Interchange and Customs.


Completing ‚ÄúGunsmith Part 1‚ÄĚ in Escape From Tarkov is a crucial step in your journey towards mastering weapon modifications and becoming a formidable player. By following the steps outlined in this guide and carefully sourcing the required items, you‚Äôll not only progress in the quest but also gain valuable experience in optimizing your firearms for the harsh environment of Tarkov. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we‚Äôll delve into more advanced gunsmithing tasks, helping you become a true weapons expert in the game.

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