Gunsmith Part 3: Crafting the Perfect MP5

Embarking on the Gunsmith Part 3 quest in the intense world of Escape from Tarkov? You’re in for a challenge that will not only test your in-game skill but also your ability to follow intricate specifications to modify the classic MP5 submachine gun to meet the Mechanic’s exacting standards.

The Quest Begins: GunSmith Part 3

Gunsmith Part 3 is unlocked at level 7, a mere level after Part 2, but it packs a punch with its requirements​​​​. Your mission is to mod an MP5, but not just any MP5 – this one needs to hit specific benchmarks to satisfy the Mechanic’s checklist.

Meeting the Mechanic’s Criteria

Your modified MP5 will need to exhibit a minimum of 60 Durability and should not exceed 4 kg in weight. But that’s not all. It must boast 45 or greater ergonomics, a recoil sum of 200 or less, and a sighting range of at least 200​​.

Required Attachments and Specs

Here’s where the specifics come into play. Your MP5 should include:

  • An MP5SD upper receiver and polymer handguard are both available from Peacekeeper LL2.
  • A 50-round 9×19 magazine, ensuring you have the firepower to back up your craftsmanship.
  • Any tactical flashlight will do, but a silencer is non-negotiable for those stealthier moments.
  • Finally, adorn your creation with the X Products X-5 MP5 50-round 9×19 magazine, and you’re almost there​​.

The Rewards Await

Completing this quest rewards you with +2,800 EXP, a bump in your Mechanic Reputation, and a few hundred dollars, which increase if you’ve got an Intelligence Center Level 1 or 2. Plus, you unlock the swap for the Glock 17 9×19 pistol – a worthy addition to any Arsenal​​.


Gunsmith Part 3 might seem daunting at first glance, but with a detailed guide and a clear understanding of the requirements, you’re well on your way to impressing the Mechanic and adding some serious hardware to your collection. Good luck, and may your aim be as sharp as your modding skills!

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