Honda Accord 2022 Price in Pakistan Specs, Features

Honda cars have been popular in Pakistan for a long time. People of different social classes choose this car because it has gained an international reputation. The Honda Accord 2022 Price in Pakistan List is available here. Including among those living on Pakistani soil, who can now benefit from all its features as well as specifications without having to worry about maintenance costs or repairs down.

The road due to age-old problems with other makes like rusting engines or poor Quality Control (QC). You don’t even need my help telling you that they’re high quality; take a look at them yourself! Honda upgrades models every year. If new technology becomes available, we’ll make sure that all of our cars have access to it.

Honda Accord 2022 Price in Pakistan

This luxury car Honda Accord 2022 Price in Pakistan is 13,750,000 PKR. Since it’s a luxury vehicle, Acura NSX is more expensive than Honda cars. Things like the NSX will cost much more because of this.

Honda Accord Colors

If you want to buy this car in Pakistan, then there are many colors available for it. The following is the list of all the colors based on what people think would be best suited:

  • Brilliant Sporty Blue
  • Cherry Red Pearlescent
  • Crystal Black Pearlescent
  • Lunar Silver Metallic

These are just some of the other cars that can make your dream come true, too.

Honda Accord Interior

This luxury car has the most luxurious interior in its class. With an intelligent push start and leather seats that can be power-adjusted. It also offers dual-zone climate control and an advanced audio display. For those who love to keep up on their music or information without taking off eye contact from driving!

Honda Accord 2021 Interior
Honda Accord 2022 Interior

The best part about this vehicle is how it drives. Automatic transmission makes the car feel nice and smooth when you are driving, so nobody gets left behind. The five-speed shifter also gives you more choices for how fast you want to go.

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Honda Accord Exterior

The exterior of the car is designed to be both flashy and luxurious. With an aerodynamic body, it’s sure to get you to speed like never before while also providing a sense of safety for those who want something that keeps up with their needs without letting them down! The front end comes with HID headlights as well as LED daytime running lights (DRL’s) to make sure you’re visible even in the early hours of dawn or late at night.

Honda Accord 2021 Exterior
Honda Accord 2022 Exterior

The LED taillights are part of what makes this car an absolute marvel that deserves appreciation for its engineering and design prowess, so much, so Honda upgraded it last year with a brand new look unlike anything else on the market! The exterior is sleek and smooth with a flawless paint job to make the car shine even brighter than before; plus, it has an aluminum alloy wheel design that helps reduce weight without compromising its structural integrity.

Honda Accord Features

This car is a dream come true for any user looking to experience the latest technology on offer. The features of this vehicle, from electronically adjustable door mirrors with LED turn indicators -and reverse tilt-down function (passenger side), retractable exhaust system, and rain sensors in front windshield wipers, make driving more enjoyable no matter how bad weather may be outside.

In addition, users can also enjoy power windows and smart push-start buttons, so there’s never an issue starting up! Leather seats provide ultimate comfort while ECO Assist reduces fuel consumption by around 8%. Finally, we have a five-speed AT transmission, which provides smooth shifting between gears making my drive extra enjoyable than ever before!

Honda Accord Specifications


The engine is one of Honda’s best: it combines gasoline and electric motors in perfect harmony to give you both efficiency and power you need to get the most out of your drive. The hybrid engine works by using an electric motor at lower speeds and a gasoline-powered one for high-performance situations. So you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice when it’s needed. Unless that is, if there are no charging stations nearby!

The car can reach up to 100 km/h in just under seven seconds, while it can achieve a top speed of 225km/hr before the gas engine kicks into overdrive. This is partially due to its lightweight body made from aluminum alloy for increased efficiency without compromising safety or performance!


A smooth-shifting automatic transmission provides increased efficiency, while a five-speed shifter lets you choose your speed to set the mood for just about anything you might have planned.

In addition, it has a reverse-sensing system to help prevent accidents from the get-go while also a rearview camera to make sure you’re in complete control of what’s going on behind you, which is essential when driving at high speeds. One other feature that makes this vehicle stand out is its push-button start: you can be ready to go in seconds with a simple touch!


The dimensions of this machine are as follows:

Overall length (mm) 4930, width 1850 mm, and height 1465. This racing car has an impressive wheelbase at 2775 millimeters which guarantees stability when cornering or acceleration. Due to its wider track size front/rear – 1585/1585 MM respectively for better handling thanks in part by having ground clearance up until 150 MM. When a car turns, it has to turn more than 5 meters. The number of meters depends on whether the car is loaded or not.

Honda Accord Availability

The Honda Accord 2022 Price in Pakistan has increased slightly this year. There are various reasons for this. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want the best of class and are looking forward to a fantastic experience with their family at affordable costs. The price increase is not too big. If you are interested, then contact your nearest car dealer today before it’s too late!

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