Kia Picanto 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features & Specs

Kia is back in Pakistan with excellent cars that are only available to Pakistani customers. The new Kia Picanto 2023 Price in Pakistan starts from PKR 1,00,000, which makes it one of the most affordable vehicles on our roads today! This article will give you information about the 2023 price of this vehicle in Pakistan and its specs and features.

Kia Picanto 2023 Price in Pakistan

The prices of this car in Pakistan vary depending on what transmission you want and how many options are installed. The manual variant costs PKR 3,100,000 to PKR 3,200,000 with all the trimmings, while an automatic comes out at just over twice that amount; however, if we include tax, it will be closer to 3-4 times more than that!

 Kia Picanto Manual price in Pakistan PKR 3,100,000
Kia Picanto Automatic price in Pakistan PKR 3,200,000

NOTE: Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan 2023 is written above and this is the latest price of this car.


The colors of a car can be an essential factor when deciding on what type or model to buy. There are many different models in Pakistan, and each has its unique color options for buyers. But not all these colors will suit your taste.

So here I have listed some popular ones that may interest you: Orangered; Bluebells paint finish from Lexus-caban; titanium silver with black trim. Including grille bars insides hood+wheels, aurora black Exterior package. This includes 18-inch chrome wheels which add more style points while also giving stability at highway speeds. Clear white reflects sunlight making them easier to see during the day, and is a unique color that not many drivers have on their cars.

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This car is also fuel-efficient and can get up to 17km/L on average, which isn’t bad at all! This means that if you have a 40l tank, one fill-up will last you about 340 kilometers. Before needing another not too shabby for a car this size!

Top Speed

This vehicle has a top speed of 170 km/h, which is pretty fast for the average user. This means that you can go on highways without feeling like your driving an old lady’s car because it won’t be sluggish or slow to react when there are obstacles in front of you.


The battery is one of the essential parts of any vehicle because, without it, they won’t be able to start or run whatsoever; Kia has made sure that this car features a 1000cc lead-acid type (wet) battery that powers all electrical systems for future use!

Kia Picanto Interior

Kia Picanto 2021 Interior
Kia Picanto 2023 Interior

The interior of this car is designed to make the user’s experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. For example, it has features needed for most people nowadays, such as electronic power steering or 12V outlets in all seats because who doesn’t need their phone charging? It also includes an audio system with a call function so you can talk hands-free while driving down the highway!

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • 12V Power Outlet
  • In-Dash AUX & USB
  • Powered Window
  • Steering Control Tripmeter
  • 2,7” LED Cluster
  • Overhead Console Lamp
  • Air Conditioner
  • Audio System + Call Function
  • Rear Headrests
  • Speaker (Front + Rear)
  • Seat (Premium Fabric)

Kia Picanto Exterior

The exterior of this car is just as well-maintained and comes with different features. First, it has a multi-focus reflector headlamp which makes driving safer in dark conditions because you can see what’s around you more clearly than without these lights on (which is essential!).

Kia Picanto 2021 Exterior
Kia Picanto 2023 Exterior

It also includes electrically adjusted side mirrors—no need for manually adjusting them every time there’s an obstacle! The grille design gives it that sleek look while also protecting vital parts underneath; 14 steel wheels provide stability when cornering hard; daytime running lamps let others know your imminent arrival before they even turn onto the street where YOU’RE driving on.

  • Multi-Focus Reflector Headlamp
  • Electrically Adjustable & Heated Side Mirrors
  • Tiger Nose Grille with Chrome Outline
  • 14” Steel Wheels with a full-Size wheel cover
  • Daytime running lamp
  • Body-colored outside door handles
  • Rear Combination Lamp
  • Micro-Type Antenna
  • Rear Wiper

Kia Picanto 2023 Features

This car features a 12V power outlet, audio system with call function, and speakers (front + rear) conveniently located in the dash. There’s also an overhead console lamp for quick reference while driving at night or when visibility decreases due to foggy conditions. Side mirrors you can adjust electrically. So they always appear upright without having any hinges holding them up, which is great because we don’t want anything blocking our view!

As if these weren’t enough already-electronics steering makes sure drivers stay comfortable on rough terrain too. Thanks to its electronic assistance technology which takes some of the pressure off your hands by doing much work themselves. Such as turning wheels inward and outward. While parking and saving you from numb hands!

Kia Picanto 2023 Specifications 

Kia Picanto has terrific specifications, which are listed below:


The dimensions of this car are as follows; it is 4800 mm in length, 1750 mm in width, and 1590mm in height. It weighs about 1130 kg which is relatively light compared to other cars. This makes the exterior look long enough to fit four passengers comfortably inside. While also having sufficient trunk space for daily use (luggage, groceries, etc.)


The engine of this car is a 1000cc lead-acid type (wet) battery which powers all electrical systems for future use. This makes it so the user doesn’t have to worry about getting stranded or not starting their vehicle! It has an output power of 44 at /min and can achieve up to 120 km/h, which is relatively fast for a car of its class.

Overall length 3,595
Overall width 3,595
Overall height 1,490
Wheelbase 2,385
Tread front (mm) 1,415
Tread Rear (mm) 1,418
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 4.8
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 152
engine Cc
Engine Type MPI In-Line 3 Cylinder (Gasoline)
Emission Euro2
Displacement (cc) 5-Speed Manual Transmission/ 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Transmission 69/6200
Maximum Output (ps/rpm) 9.6/3500
Maximum Torque (kg.m/rpm) 71×84
Bore x stroke (mm) 10.5
Compression Ratio 5
Seating Capacity (persons) 35
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 200
Other Specs
  • Front Disc 13-inch
  • Rear Drum 7-inch
  • Front McPherson Strut with Stabilizer
  • Rear Coupled Torsion Beam Axle
  • Shock Absorber Gas & Coil Spring
Tyres and Wheels 165/60R14 + Steel Wheel with Full-Size Wheel Cover
Spare Tyre and Wheel 105/70D14 + Steel Wheel

Kia Picanto Availability

This car is available at different Kia dealerships all over Pakistan. People interested in buying this great vehicle can contact their nearest dealership. And experience driving a new set of wheels that will make them feel right at home with its luxurious features.

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