LoLdle Answer Solution Today: Monday 3 April 2023

LoLdle is the new game that’s taking the world by storm, and players are increasingly enjoying it each day. Created by a League of Legends fan, this game is designed to challenge your knowledge of the game, from champions to abilities and even quotes. However, some days are more challenging, and players may need help finding the correct answers.

Thankfully, the LoLdle archive has all the answers to previous games, which can provide inspiration and clues for those tough days. And if you need more help, Guiderman has covered you with all the solutions and guides to your favorite games, such as the Octordle Answer Today, Globle Answer Today, and many more.

LoLdle Answer Today

On Monday, April 3, 2023, LoLdle gave us some demanding answers to tackle. It’s common to feel frustrated when you can’t get the answers right, and losing your winning streak over one solution can be unpleasant. But don’t worry; we’re here to help! Here are the answers to Monday LoLdle:

Classic: Singed

Quote: “Cannonball! “: Tristana

Ability: Lucian

BONUS: Which spell is it?: Piercing Light (Q)

Emoji (Fist, Red-Haired Boy, Fist, #1 Medal, Picture): Sett

Splash Art: Syndra

BONUS: Star Guardian Syndra

We hope these answers helped you keep your hot streak going. If you’re stuck on future LoLdle answers, remember to come back to GGRecon for all the solutions and guides you need.

What is LoLdle?

For those who need to become more familiar with LoLdle, it is a word game that tests your knowledge of League of Legends. It’s a popular game introduced by a League of Legends fan and has quickly gained popularity among its loyal fans. LoLdle is similar to games like Wordle, which became mass-popular in February 2022.

LoLdle Archive

If you’re curious about previous LoLdle answers or want to compare them to the current ones, you can find them in the LoLdle archive. Here are the solutions to some of the previous LoLdle games:

  • March 31st LoLdle = Vex, Sona, Senna, Gnar, Leona
  • March 30th LoLdle = Master Yi, Kog’Maw, Camille, Dr. Mundo, Rell
  • March 29th LoLdle = Morgana, Lulu, Gragas, Viego, Sion
  • March 28th LoLdle = Vayne, Fiora, Zoe, Ekko, Braum
  • March 27th LoLdle = Ekko, Bel’Veth, Nautilus, Alistar, Nasus
  • March 26th LoLdle = Samira, Sivir, Sejuani, Irelia, Yasuo
  • March 25th LoLdle = Karthus, Rumble, Bard, Wukong, Jarvan IV
  • March 24th LoLdle = Kog’Maw, Leona, Taric, Swain, Viktor
  • March 23rd LoLdle = Caitlyn, Warwick, Zyra, Trundle, Aphelios
  • March 22nd LoLdle = Blitzcrank, Draven, Tryndamere, Taric, Gragas
  • March 21st LoLdle = Nidalee, Shen, Mordekaiser, Jinx, Nautilus
  • March 20th LoLdle = Dr. Mundo, Aphelios, Fizz, Rell, Bard
  • March 19th LoLdle = Miss Fortune, Thresh, Lulu, Galio, Cassiopeia
  • March 18th LoLdle = Malzhar, Camille, Dr Mundo, Nasus, Volibear
  • March 17th LoLdle = Taliyah, Urgot, Diana, Darius, Blitzcrank
  • March 16th LoLdle = Hecarim, Twitch, Talon, Pyke, Gnar
  • March 15th LoLdle = Kindred, Neeko, Hecarim, Anivia, Jinx
  • March 14th LoLdle = Urgot, Lillia, Syndra, Aurelion Sol, Rakan
  • March 13th LoLdle = Fizz, Hecarim, Gnar, Ashe, Nocturne
  • March 12th LoLdle = Malphite, Tahm Kench, Vi, Sylas, Vayne
  • March 11th LoLdle = Ziggs, Anivia, Bel’Veth, Heimerdinger, Sejuani
  • March 10th LoLdle = Camille, Nocturne, Kha’Zix, Kled, Kennen
  • March 9th LoLdle = Sett, Shaco, Trundle, Warwick, Katarina
  • March 8th LoLdle = Rumble, Braum, Sett, Renekton, Wukong
  • March 7th LoLdle = Aphelios, Volibear, Ryze, Senna, Shaco
  • March 6th LoLdle = Jinx, Elise, Akshan, LeBlanc, Nunu & Willump
  • March 5th LoLdle = Yone, Ivern, Zac, Gwen, Tristana
  • March 4th LoLdle = Gangplank, Karma, Rengar, Morgana, Taliyah
  • March 3rd LoLdle = Anivia, Malzahar, Elise, Teemo, Neeko
  • March 2nd LoLdle = Lissandra, Alistar, Viego, Karma, LeBlanc
  • March 1st LoLdle = Braum, Gragas, Vex, Samira, Corki
  • February 28th LoLdle = Brand, Vel’Koz, Seraphine, Blitzcrank, Elise
  • February 27th LoLdle = Ahri, Evelynn, Jinx, Neeko, Mordekaiser
  • February 26th LoLdle = Tahm Kench, Lux, Fiora, Garen, Vex
  • February 25th LoLdle = Shen, Olaf, Xayah, Annie, Evelynn
  • February 24th LoLdle = Lux, Nami, Ornn, Zac, Pyke
  • February 23rd LoLdle = Heimerdinger, Nautilus, Pantheon, Zac, Talon
  • February 22nd LoLdle = Gnar, Samira, Sivir, Master Yi, Viego
  • February 21st LoLdle = Lee Sin, Lissanda, Jax, Ryze, Veigar
  • February 20th LoLdle = Shaco, Irelia, Vayne, Cassiopeia, Sylas
  • February 19th LoLdle = Sion, Jhin, Urgot, Malphite, Dr Mundo
  • February 18th LoLdle = Draven, Skarner, Kled, Katarina, Akshan
  • February 17th LoLdle = Tryndamere, Swain, Kled, Draven, Pantheon
  • February 16th LoLdle = Nilah, Azir, Leona, Viktor, Darius
  • February 15th LoLdle = Taric, Amumu, Rek’Sai, Quinn, Graves
  • February 14th LoLdle = Kai’Sa, Pantheon, Nunu & Willump, Sona, Lillia
  • February 13th LoLdle = Vladimir, Sylas, Kai’Sa, Swain
  • February 12th LoLdle = Maokai, Ahri, Thresh, Lux, Tahm Kench
  • February 11th LoLdle = Zed, Yasuo, Gangplank, Illaoi
  • February 10th LoLdle = Sona, Qiyana, Nami, Yuumi, Tryndamere
  • February 9th LoLdle = Zoe, Shyvana, Veigar, Shen, Orianna
  • February 8th LoLdle = Soraka, Vex, Kog’Maw, Fizz, Kindred
  • February 7th LoLdle = Tristana, Xin Zhao, Viktor, Renata Glasc, Azir
  • February 6th LoLdle = Xayah, Akali, Shen, Nautilus, Bel’Veth
  • February 5th LoLdle = Twisted Fate, Corki, Sylas, Azir, Hecarim
  • February 4th LoLdle = Volibear, K’Sante, Brand, Zoe, Rek’Sai
  • February 3rd LoLdle = Jarvan IV, Fizz, Varus, Urgot, Ivern
  • February 2nd LoLdle = Gragas, Ziggs, Kennen, Lulu, Ivern
  • February 1st LoLdle = Renata Glasc, Morgana, Lux, Nidalee, Teemo
  • January 31st LoLdle = Kalista, Nilah, Galio, Shaco, Xin Zhao
  • January 30th LoLdle = Alistar, Mordekaiser, Warwick, Yone, K’Sante
  • January 29th LoLdle = Akali, Jarvan IV, Soraka, Brand, Lulu
  • January 28th LoLdle = Mordekaiser, Diana, Olaf, Bard, Twitch
  • January 27th LoLdle = Vi, Sejuani, Lee Sin, Malzahar, Heimerdinger
  • January 26th LoLdle = Wukong, Blitzcrank, Samira, Sivir, Qiyana
  • January 25th LoLdle = Ezreal, Cho’Gath, Neeko, Jayce, Kassadin
  • January 24th LoLdle = Kled, Kayn, Alistar, Volibear, Seraphine
  • January 23rd LoLdle = Varus, Gwen, Orianna, Akshan, Camille
  • January 22nd LoLdle = Katarina, Jax, Leblanc, Taliyah, Olaf
  • January 21st LoLdle = Kayle, Orianna, Twisted Fate, Vex, Miss Fortune
  • January 20th LoLdle = Rengar, Kayle, Rammus, Gangplank, Anivia
  • January 19th LoLdle = Lillia, Seraphine, Maokai, Vayne, Sivir
  • January 18th LoLdle = Swain, Fiddlesticks, Jayce, Cho’Gath, Riven
  • January 17th LoLdle = Zyra, Soraka, Ekko, Kassadin, Ornn
  • January 16th LoLdle = Riven, Rell, Nilah, Sion, Caitlyn
  • January 15th LoLdle = Graves, Master Yi, Nocturne, Vladimir, Amumu
  • January 14th LoLdle = Zeri, Yuumi, Shyvana, Vel’Koz, Jax
  • January 13th LoLdle = Trundle, Taric, Volibear, Soraka, Brand
  • January 12th LoLdle = Galio, Renata Glasc, Janna, Rammus, Zed
  • January 11th LoLdle = Yorick, Malphite, Lillia, Corki, Warwick
  • January 10th LoLdle = K’Sante, Lux, Taliyah, Caitlyn, Galio
  • January 9th LoLdle = Senna, Wukong, Xerath, Galio
  • January 8th LoLdle = Orianna, Lee Sin, Udyr, Nilah
  • January 7th LoLdle = Nautilus, Cassiopeia, Ashe, Nilah
  • January 6th LoLdle = Seraphine, Sett, Rumble, Zyra
  • January 5th LoLdle = Illaoi, Graves, Singed, Rammus
  • January 4th LoLdle = Nami, Xerath, Teemo, Kled
  • January 3rd LoLdle = Yasuo, Renekton, Rell, Zoe
  • January 2nd LoLdle = Diana, Rakan, Morgana, Fizz
  • January 1st LoLdle = Garen, Nidalee, Twitch, Karthus
  • December 31st LoLdle = Cho’Gath, Maokai, Draven, Kha’Zix
  • December 30th LoLdle = Skarner, Poppy, Xin Zhao, Urgot
  • December 29th LoLdle = Kayn, Akshan, Ezreal, Kalista
  • December 28th LoLdle = Twitch, Heimerdinger, Karma, Quinn
  • December 27th LoLdle = Rakan, Caitlyn, Kassadin, Samira
  • December 26th LoLdle = Xerath, Kalista, Evelynn, Ryze
  • December 25th LoLdle = Gwen, Heimerdinger, Katarina, Ezreal
  • December 24th LoLdle = Jax, Ashe, Master Yi, Kaisa
  • December 23rd LoLdle = Zilean, Annie, Udyr, Shyvana
  • December 22nd LoLdle = Fiora, Udyr, Vel’Koz, Syndra
  • December 21st LoLdle = Warwick, Kennen, Miss Fortune, Senna
  • December 20th LoLdle = Poppy, Sion, Irelia, Cho’Gath
  • December 19th LoLdle = Xin Zhao, Galio, Ahri, Jhin
  • December 18th LoLdle = Syndra, Kassadin, Azir, Varus
  • December 17th LoLdle = Vel’Koz, Zilean, Sion, Varus
  • December 16th LoLdle = Lulu, Gnar, Graves, Karma
  • December 15th LoLdle = Udyr, Veigar, Ziggs, Aatrox
  • December 14th LoLdle = Qiyana, Janna, Cassiopeia, Sona
  • December 13th LoLdle = Sivir, Senna, Aurelion Sol, Twisted Fate
  • December 12th LoLdle = Nunu & Willump, Jinx, Sejuani, Ziggs
  • December 11th LoLdle = Vex, Tryndamere, Riven, Fiddlesticks
  • December 10th LoLdle = Jhin, Zac, Yasuo, Bard
  • December 9th LoLdle = Miss Fortune, Draven, Blitzcrank, Shen
  • December 8th LoLdle = Zac, Zed, Braum, Ahri
  • December 7th LoLdle = Lucian, Fiora, Tahm Kench, Rell
  • December 6th LoLdle = Ivern, Ryze, Skarner, Yasuo
  • December 5th LoLdle = Hecarim, Trundle, Nasus, Kha’Zix
  • December 4th LoLdle = Aurelion Sol, Lucian, Rakan, Rumble
  • December 3rd LoLdle = Akshan, Trundle, Malzahar, Nasus
  • December 2nd LoLdle = Dariusm Lulu, Corki, Vel’Koz
  • December 1st LoLdle = Yuumi, Syndra, Fiddlesticks, Xayah
  • Cryptoquote Answer for 03/07/2023
  • November 30th LoLdle = Viktor, Anivia, Annie, Jarvan IV
  • November 29th LoLdle = Kha’Zix, Zeri, Bel’Veth, Viktor
  • November 28th LoLdle = Karma, Shen, Katarina, Morgana
  • November 27th LoLdle = Thresh, Malphite, Karthus, Quinn
  • November 26th LoLdle = Jayce, Bel’Veth, Diana, Braum
  • November 25th LoLdle = Nasus, Rengar, Zyra, Renekton
  • November 24th LoLdle = Singed, Twitch, Kindred, Ekko
  • November 23rd LoLdle = Nocture, Karma, Lissandra, Leona
  • November 22nd LoLdle = Amumu, Vayne, Nidalee, Nocturne
  • November 21st LoLdle = Dr. Mundo, Urgot, Talon, Rengar
  • November 20th LoLdle = Sett, Nasus, Quinn, Poppy
  • November 19th LoLdle = Olaf, Vladimir, Zed, Taliyah
  • November 18th LoLdle = LeBlanc, Riven, Zilean, Lucian
  • November 17th LoLdle = Ashe, Garen, Swain, Nunu & Willump
  • November 16th LoLdle = Brand, Gragas, Dr. Mundo, Irelia
  • November 15th LoLdle = Talon, Teemo, Amumu, Shaco
  • November 14th LoLdle = Camille, Ivern, Rengar, Garen
  • November 13th LoLdle = Vi, Viego, Garen, Kayle
  • November 12th LoLdle = Viego, Singed, Poppy, Cassiopeia
  • November 11th LoLdle = Malphite, Leona, Viego, Sion
  • November 10th LoLdle = Annie, Viktor, Vi, Sylas
  • November 9th LoLdle = Gangplank, Shaco, Zoe, Vex
  • November 8th LoLdle = Sejuani, Lissandra, Shaco, Talon
  • November 7th LoLdle = Taliyah, Hecarim, Ivern, Lissandra
  • November 6th LoLdle = Shyvana, Zoe, Aatrox, Kayn
  • November 5th LoLdle = Bel’Veth, Gangplank, Lulu, LeBlanc
  • November 4th LoLdle = Sylas, Pantheon, Ryze, Zilean
  • November 3rd LoLdle = Taric, Elise, Sivir, Zilean
  • November 2nd LoLdle  = Ziggs, Camille, Fizz, Ashe.
  • November 1st LoLdle  = Renekton, Samira, Kayn, Lillia.
  • October 31st LoLdle = Sona, Yorick, Nautilus, Blitzcrank.
  • October 30th LoLdle = Nidalee, Pyke, Kai’Sa, Darius.
  • October 29th LoLdle = Fiddlesticks, Volibear, Darius, Darius.
  • October 28th LoLdle = Aatrox, Ekko, Anivia, Viego.
  • October 27th LoLdle = Blitzcrank, Malzahar, Qiyana, Volibear.
  • October 26th LoLdle = Morgana, Kindred, Seraphine, Rakan.
  • October 25th LoLdle = Irelia, Yasuo, Renekton, Zac.
  • October 24th LoLdle = Lee Sin, Yone, Illaoi, Maokai.
  • October 23rd LoLdle = Shaco, Aatrox, Zac, Nautilus.
  • October 22nd LoLdle = Pantheon, Varus, Malphite, Nidalee.
  • October 21st LoLdle = Malzahar, Jayce, Jinx, Wukong.
  • October 20th LoLdle = Malzahar, Corki, Akali, Darius.
  • October 19th LoLdle = Tahm Kench, Sona, Kalista, Jinx.
  • October 18th LoLdle = Tahm Kench, Sylas, Wukong, Yorick.
  • October 17th LoLdle = Leona, Jarvan IV, Nunu, Hecarim.
  • October 16th LoLdle = Cassiopeia, Braum, Jax, Draven.
  • October 15th LoLdle = Alistar, Blitzcrank, Rek’Sai, Gangplank.
  • October 14th LoLdle = Jinx, Dr. Mundo, Akshan, Kog’Maw.
  • October 13th LoLdle = Elise, Ahri, Gnar, Pyke.
  • October 12th LoLdle  = Mordekaiser, Thresh, Brand, Evelynn.
  • October 11th LoLdle = Nilah, Thresh, Vayne, Xerath.
  • October 10th LoLdle = Tryndamere, Ziggs, Gangplank, Sejuani.
  • October 9th LoLdle = Ryze, Vel’koz, Olaf, Azir.
  • October 8th LoLdle = Kennen, Lux, Sona, Pantheon.
  • October 7th LoLdle = Braum, Morgana, Gwen, Qiyana.
  • October 6th LoLdle = Shen, Brand, Nilah, Malzahar.
  • October 5th LoLdle = Tristana, Olaf, Jarvan IV, Rek’Sai.
  • October 4th LoLdle = Varus, Fizz, Thresh, Sivir.
  • October 3rd LoLdle = Evelynn, Cho’Gath, Lux, Diana.
  • October 2nd LoLdle = Urgot, Sejuani, Alistar, Riven.


LoLdle is an exciting game that tests your knowledge of League of Legends. Although some days can be challenging, the LoLdle archive provides all the answers to previous games, and GGRecon has all the solutions and guides you need to keep your hot streak alive.

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