PSO2 NGS Best Armor Guide: Unleash Your Full Potential

Are you searching for the perfect armor to safeguard your character in PSO2 NGS? Look no further! Our comprehensive selection of the best PSO2 NGS best armor is now available. In this guide, we’ll unravel the mystery of armor selection, helping you make an informed decision based on your unique play style.

Unveiling the Armor Choices in PSO2 NGS

Let’s start by exploring the extensive array of armors, or as they are called in PSO2, “units.” To clarify, when we mention units, we are referring to armor. You can refer to this page to view the complete range of armor options.

Placeholder Armors: Qual De Armors and Vialto Armors

Currently, many players in Elio are still utilizing Qual De armors and Vialto armors, which are obtained from combat zones such as the resell Forest Mount Magnus and Sanford laboratory runes. However, it’s essential to note that this armor will only be useful briefly. Therefore, investing heavily in enhancing or augmenting them is not advisable. Unless you require a slight power boost to progress through the story, utilizing them as they are is recommended.

Unique Armor: Geant Armor

The Geant Armor is an exceptional armor that drops from gigantic enemies. Depending on your region, you may have encountered these massive creatures during thunderstorms, sandstorms, or blizzards. Although the Geant Armor may seem enticing, it is only level 15, making it a temporary option. Therefore, we will skip focusing on this armor.

Retem Armors: Vidal, Vijf, Vios, and Vidalun Armor

As you venture into the desert region of Retem, you’ll encounter a new set of armor. The Vidal, Vijf, Vios, and Vidalun armors are available in various combat zones. While they can serve as placeholders, they need exceptional stats. By this point, most players have likely surpassed level 12 and require armor with more significant advantages.

The Power of Sestato Armor: Arga, Belta, Sheza

To invest wisely in armor, the Sestato Armor series is highly recommended. The Sestato Armor Arga, Belta, and Sheza offer superior stats compared to the options above. For instance, the Sestato Armor Arga provides an additional 5 HP and 1 Photon power compared to the Schwarzest Armor, with 2.25 melee and range potency.

Moreover, it grants 30 physical resistance, providing immunity to stun effects. It’s important to note that physical resistance works multiplicatively, not additively, so combining multiple pieces will yield lower resistance values. The Sestato Armor Belta and Sheza can be obtained from Red containers in west kavaris, north kavaris, and Central Kavaris, respectively. These armors balance offense and defense, making them an ideal choice for most players.

Behlgren Armor: The Glass Cannon Build

For players seeking an all-out offensive approach, the Behlgren armor is an intriguing option. However, caution must be exercised when considering this armor due to its drawbacks. Equipping three pieces of Behlgren armor results in a significant loss of HP and resistance. Freeze resistance, in particular, is crucial in the Kavaris region, as numerous enemies possess freezing abilities. While the Behlgren armor provides an impressive 13 Photon power, weighing the advantages against the risks associated with reduced survivability is important.

Choosing Your Perfect Armor: The Final Verdict

To conclude, any four armor options discussed above are excellent for your PSO2 NGS best armor character. The Sestato armors strike a well-rounded balance between offense and defense, while the Behlgren armor caters to those seeking unparalleled damage potential. Evaluate your play style, consider the risks and benefits, and select the armor that best aligns with your goals. Enhance your character’s capabilities and confidently conquer the world of PSO2 NGS!

In the end, the choice is yours. Select your armor wisely and embark on an exhilarating adventure in PSO2 NGS!


In conclusion, when choosing the best armor for your character in PSO2 NGS, it’s crucial to consider your play style and the specific advantages each armor offers. While placeholder armors like Qual De and Vialto can be useful temporarily, they will eventually be outclassed by more powerful options.

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