Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 2023 Price in Pakistan

Toyota cars have been a popular choice in Pakistan for quite some time. Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 2023 Price in Pakistan with complete details is available here. People usually choose the company’s vehicles because of the high-class features offered by each model type. Which vary from trim level to variant based on availability at any given moment! Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 2023 price is available here.

There are numerous kinds of variants that you can get with your purchase. If this particular vehicle interests you, automatic transmission options. Include CVT (continuously variable) or 6-speed manual transmissions while four-wheel drive functionality comes standard. Other details such as battery capacity range, etc., will also determine what kind/models there are maybe when deciding between different trims.

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of this car in Pakistan has increased by PKR 3,369,000 due to various reasons. It comes with an automatic transmission, and it’s a brand-new model, so demand is high as well!

The cost for vehicles like these shot up about 2% last year, but we predict another jump next fiscal year, which would bring their values even higher than before – meaning more money spent on lavish lifestyles or reckless spending across all sectors. Bankruptcy rates continue climbing yearly too (6%) – the country’s financial status is not doing well for business or personal situations.

If you live in Pakistan and are looking to buy a Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 2023 model, it would be best for you to place an order as soon as possible – before the prices go up even more!

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 2023 Colors

The colour of a car can make a world of difference. This vehicle is available in various shades from all over Pakistan – let your unique taste decide which one suits best with what else is on offer at this moment in time.

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The list includes Attitude Black, Bronze Mica (a deep honey-brown), Dorado Gold – a yellowish hue ideal for turning heads or blending into surroundings perfectly without being too flashy. GreyGraphite—a medium grey sounder than most other greys but still allows enough light, though, so it’s easy going under any setting suns, PhantomBrown.

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic Interior

This car has a lot of different features that make driving more enjoyable. The interior is well designed and comes with an air conditioner, heater for those hot days in summertime or winter when you’re outside feeling cold as ice but still need to commute somewhere on a schedule!

Additionally, there’s also a sunroof, so unless it rains, your passengers can enjoy some blessed sunlight while riding shotgun without being exposed to weather conditions that might have made them feel sick at least once before during their journey!. As if this wasn’t enough already my favourite part about owning one? You guessed correctly – TACHOMETER!!

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic Exterior

The exterior is just as good. Highlights include a spoiler that will add some sporty look to your car while enhancing its overall. Additionally, Appearance, alloy wheels, and front fog lamps for getting through that dense late night or early morning foggy periods.

They make it possible to drive and see where you’re going without the need of switching on headlights! Additionally, this car is also equipped with a rear defogger, so passengers in the back seat don’t have to suffer from sweaty backs while being exposed to summer sun.

Altis Automatic 2023 Mileage

This car has very low mileage ranging between 20km/L on average to 50km/L, depending on the speed of your vehicle and the conditions in which you are driving it.

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic Features

This car has a sleek design and comes with all the features that people need. Power windows, power mirrors, steering wheel audio controls for your phone or music player of choice, as well as USB charging capabilities will have you ready at any moment! Not only does it have these great additions but also a four-speed automatic transmission, so there’s no guesswork involved when shifting gears on steep hillsides (although we hope not!).

It may be an expensive purchase for some. Still, in return, they get luxury seating accommodations, including ISOFIX child seat anchors making sure their little ones are safe inside this vehicle, too alongside. If something wrong should ever happen while driving around town, Dual SRS airbags could quickly end up causing devastating injuries where someone rear-ends them from behind due to not having all of the safety measures taken care of!

Corolla Altis Automatic Specifications

Before buying a new or used Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic, it’s essential to know what all your options are. The following blog post will give you an overview of some key features of this vehicle so that you can be more informed about which model may best suit your needs.

Dimensions & Weight

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic is a midsize car. It has the following dimensions:

Length (mm): 4130

Width (mm): 1730

Height (mm): 1420 

Wheelbase: 2650.

The curb weight of this car is 1225 kg.

Fuel Type

The engine of this vehicle works using a petrol fuel type, and the capacity is mentioned as 1498 cc. The maximum power this vehicle’s engine can produce is 105 kW at 6000 pm. When it comes to mileage, Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic manages 19 km/L on average, which means to travel 100 kilometres. You will need approximately 20 litres of fuel (gasoline). Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic has an automatic transmission system! Fuel tank capacity: 50 Ltrs – Petrol only!.

Body Style & Seating Capacity

This model is classified as a midsize sedan with up to five passengers, including the driver! It also includes keyless entry, power locks, and windows, as well as an MP player. This means you can enjoy your favourite music on the go! 

Tires & Brakes

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic’s tires are 205/60 R16 size. The brakes include ventilated disk brake at the front axle and drum breaks at the rear. It has a rack and pinion-type steering gear. All four wheels have disc brakes to provide maximum stopping power while driving this car down any road or highway in Pakistan! Front suspension is independent double-wishbone coil springs with a stabilizer bar! Rear Suspension: Semi-independent torsion beam axle w/coil springs! Front Stabilizer Bar Diameter – 25mm.    

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic Availability

Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 2023 is available in five different colours. Shadow Mica, Classic Silver Metallic, Midnight Black Metallic, Super White, and Attitude Black (metallic). The price of this car will be PKR 23 lacs. You can visit PakWheels or go out to the nearest Toyota dealership for a test drive for more information.       

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